Gender Diversity

               One of the most recent things that I have noticed in social media on Doctor Who is the new #13 doctor who is a girl the actor, Jodie Whittaker, and all the uproar about her. Many people we very excited to see a women doctor for the first time in the series. I feel like it’s a really good idea since the world is changing and it’s not a male dominated series as much anymore and it has attracted a female audience. A lot of the supported took to social media, and when I looked on twitter about the gender dilemma there was a lot of people supporting the decision of the female doctor. It was not just female support though, there was a lot of guys supporting this. I think this is great of the community to support her because there has not been a bad doctor in my opinion and to assume this new doctor could be bad because it is a woman is a terrible use of judgment. Jodie Whittaker seems like a great choice for an actor because she has been in many movies and with as much experience as she has gotten from her twenty plus movies she has been in I think she will do great.

            Unfortunately, though there are a surprising amount of people who disagree with this choice of having a doctor be a female. Some of the comment I find very confusing, very inconsiderate, and self-centered. Some being that if a woman can be a doctor why can’t a horse be one and one saying that they ruined the show for them and their young song. First off, these comments by these people seem very unnecessary because you do not know how this doctor is going to be maybe she turns out to be your favorite doctor. I think many people that are not supporting this decision are just over reacting from shock that they are finally changing the show a little bit. I feel that this is a great chance for the Doctor Who series to become even more diverse from its original state. I am curious though as to who the doctor new companion will be, as in will it stay as a female or will they change to companion to a guy now that the doctor will be a girl.


Diversity within Accents

Diversity is a word that is often misunderstood. The word diverse means, ‘showing a great deal of variety; very different”. This definition is very vague. I feel as if diversity should have a completely different meaning according to how I view the term. So therefore, this is based off of my opinion. If were a dictionary, I would have the definition be, “differences among others, which sets us apart, but also makes us unique within a world of similarity.” I think this definition seems much more fitting. Diversity to me, is a beautiful concept that we often ignore. I think this concept gets ignored because no one wants to all the attention on them. But at the same time, everyone wants the attention. I feel people often associate difference with negative attention. What do you do if you went onto a store and you saw a person wearing just a swimsuit in September? You would be a little alarmed and probably do a double take. You might assume that something is wrong with them due to the fact that it’s probably a little cold outside and they are solely wearing a swimsuit. But if you went up and talked to them, you might learn that they are from Alaska, so this colder weather seems warm to them. Their perception of the colder weather is diverse. As compared to someone who lives in Hawaii, they would think the weather is freezing and wearing a winter coat and a stocking cap. The diversity just among weather is truly outstanding. Something little as weather is a great example of diversity among people. This is only a small example of it though. Other bigger examples are accents. Accents are strongly diverse, meaning that there are all different types throughout the world. Accents are one of the main assets that sets us apart. I think it is one of the main sources of diversity because when you speak to someone, you immediately notice that they are different. If you were to look up a video on YouTube about different accents, you would truly be amazed by all the different accents throughout the world. You might think they are is only a few different ones based of exposure such as, southern, northern, western, eastern, but there are hundreds. Just sitting in class at Wartburg, I can spot at least 3 different accents. Each one of them are different and diverse in their own personal way.

Captain Jack Harkness: A 51st century guy


In the Doctor Who series, Captain Jack Harkness is a character that is extremely important. John Barrowman’s character, Captain Jack Harkness, first appeared in the episode “The Empty Child”. The first lines that we hear him say are “Excellent bottom.” and “Sorry, old man. I gotta go meet a girl, but you’ve got an excellent bottom too.”, referring to Rose and Algy’s backsides, respectively. This was the first indicator for me that Jack was not 100% straight like most of the Doctor Who characters that we had been introduced to. In fact, the 9th Doctor and Rose talk about how open he is with flirting with everyone. The 9th Doctor says that because Jack is from the 51st century, he is “more flexible when it comes to dancing”, which I am assuming means sex or something similar.


One reason why I think that Jack’s character is so important to Doctor Who is because he is one of the few characters that is portrayed as not being heterosexual. There are others throughout the series, but most, with the exception of River Song, do not appear in as many episodes as Jack does. While it is never explicitly said that Jack has a specific label, it is clear that he takes interest in more than just men and women. The LGBTQ community has become more widely accepted, but it is still not portrayed as much in the media. The media does a good job including gay or lesbian characters, but bisexual, pansexual, transgender, and others are not portrayed. In this sense, I feel like the media has failed because it excludes those who may not want to label themselves, do not conform to a specific gender, or have different preferences.

A second reason why I think that Jack’s character is so important is because John Barrowman, who plays Jack, is an openly gay actor. In 2013, California’s Supreme Court had overturned the ban on same sex weddings, and Barrowman was able to marry his partner of 22 years. I think that it’s a great thing that the director and casting crew of Doctor Who chose a person of the LGBTQ community to play a non-heterosexual character. I think that a lot of times the casting of a movie or tv show is done poorly because a heterosexual actor/actress will be cast as a character of the LGBTQ community or maybe vice versa, although I do not know of any examples of that. There are other casting mistakes that the media makes in terms of diversity, such as a Caucasian actor/actress playing a character of another race. Even though I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, it was very refreshing and exciting to see representation. I have many friends that are a part of the LGBTQ community and have often heard that some people say that bisexual people don’t exist or that bisexuality is a phase and other things like that. It’s important that all spectrums are represented because it’s comforting to see something in the media that you identify with.


Mickey is not at all a Mouse!

Out of all the characters that we have met so far in our viewing, I have found Mickey to be one of my favorites. He’s funny, relatable, and oftentimes heroic, but due to the occasional portrayal of him as a clingy boyfriend who has nothing better to do then wait and hope for Rose’s return, he’s seen as lame or lacking in depth. I would argue, citing a few episodes, that Mickey is one of the more interesting characters with more depth than characters on the show and fans of the show give him credit for.

The first episode I would cite is one of the first episodes in the new series, “Aliens of London / World War Three”. In this two part episode, the Doctor and Rose discover a sinister plot by the Slitheen to launch the world into nuclear war. They disguise themselves as officials in the British government, and one such alien disguises himself as a police officer. When he reveals his true form and attacks Jackie in her flat, Mickey is there to rush in and save her from a gruesome death at the alien’s claws. Later on, Mickey is given access to government software and uses it to effectively stop the Slitheen by launching a missile at their gathering place using a British submarine. Mickey proves that he’s not just the bumbling boyfriend in this episode.

Mickey further proves himself in later episodes, especially when he eventually joins the Doctor and Rose on the TARDIS. In the episode “School Reunion”, Mickey’s first adventure with the Doctor, he plays a major role in taking down the Krillitanes by driving his car through the front of the school to orchestrate the escape of the trapped school children. Mickey saves them and is basically an action hero in the process. I think this is almost a turning point for Mickey, where he learns what he really is capable of.

Mickey only further expands on what he believes himself capable of doing in the two part episode “Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel”. While he causes the problem initially by holding down a button for too long, he proves himself effective in solving the problem. We also see more character depth in Mickey than ever before with his visit to his parallel universe grandmother, who raised him and was very important to him. We find that she had recently passed away on the true earth, also. Even the Doctor and Rose agree that they often take Mickey for granted. At the end, he turns into a total action hero, much like his parallel universe counterpart, Ricky, when he pilots the blimp and saves Rose, the Doctor, and Pete from certain death in the burning building. Mickey is a hero in this episode and should be given credit for it.

Overall, Mickey seems to be, especially during the Ninth Doctor’s run, seen as a bumbling boyfriend who has nothing better to do than wait for Rose to come back. I would argue, however, that Mickey is an interesting character who brings a lot of depth to the show. We see ourselves in Mickey; he is fearful, but brave in spite of his fears. He is loyal and unwilling to give up on the people he loves. Mickey is certainly my favorite character right now, and I would hope that more people might feel the same.

The Lone Wanderer Not The Lonely God


The Doctor is quite an Individual, if one takes the second to look at him we see that he is very much similar to a wanderer amongst the stars. He is not the average wanderer either, the Doctor is very much a complex wanderer he never picks a destination or who tags along behind him, or who is affected by his travels the Doctor instead is a free floating individual who is very much is like driftwood in a stream. He never really claws out a niche for himself instead letting his TARDIS take him where ever he is needed or required.  This mystical wanderer through space and time who seemingly repulses all monsters and attempts to save all forms of life, and never leaves more than a subtle imprint on the worlds he comes crashing through, and in the case of humanity he has crashed so many times through our past and future that the very idea of the Doctor, the travelling man in the blue box became a mythical being passing throughout various points in time.

Now lets take all of that information above into account, The Doctor is just a wanderer, many compare him to a God but lets be fair he has face beings who have the partial powers of a God, such as the Beast of Krop Tor whom was claimed its origins and existence were the influences across the known universe and various species as their various representation of “devil entities”. There are more cases such the Guardians of Time from the Old Who whom were personifications of various ideals;  such as order, or chaos or justice. The Doctor has faced various beings whom biologically are superior in one format, they can magically enchant thousands with their powers or control entire species with fear, or using religious dogma.  The Doctor is a man like no other, whom has experienced thousands of years worth of knowledge and experience and has a time travelling box, but this does not make him a God, he is no god he is a man with a blue box, a wanderer, a patron of time and science. These God-like beings are different as they are not driftwood in the sea of time they carve our their niches despite their actions. The Beast never had to try to do much more than exist to almost weave the universal fear of him in all beings, including the Doctor who knew his claims to existence went long before those if the material universe. The Doctor has never managed to imprint any of his ideals into anyone, not one shred of his sense of justice, or what is right or even his belief of science and time as the only constant has never been imprinted into any society he has had repeat contact with. Ultimately he is a wanderer, one that the universe forgets when it needs it most, and one that will never be a God.


*Off Note:* This Entry has Been Super Late and I apologize, I completely forgot to press publish.. yay me.


Donna Noble Appreciation Post

I was looking at the tags on this blog and noticed that only three posts were tagged with “Donna,” and the one that was the most about Donna was talking about why she’s someone’s least favorite companion. To provide a bit of diversity in opinion, I’d like to tell you why Donna Noble might be my favorite companion on Doctor Who.

Donna’s entrance in Doctor Who is interesting because she appears in one episode before Martha’s run with the doctor, and then she finds him again afterwards. When she first meets the doctor, she’s pretty sure that she has no interest in traveling with the Doctor because she doesn’t think she could handle it. By the time they meet again, she’s decided that she can’t pass up the opportunity for adventure.

There are a few things that contrast Donna from the other two companions we’ve seen so far in New Who. One is that she makes it very clear from the beginning that she is not interested in the Doctor romantically. Rose’s romantic relationship with the Doctor developed pretty naturally, starting out with simple admiration for him. Martha was interested in him almost immediately, and she let her unrequited love for him bother her to the point that she no longer wanted to travel with him. Donna’s admiration of the doctor is strictly platonic, and I like the friendship that she has with him.

I would also argue that Donna is the most emotionally driven out of the three companions so far. I think Rose was emotional sometimes, but her emotions were mostly tied to the doctor and she let him take the lead and make the decisions. Martha was primarily logical, which while it was nice to see a female companion be so intelligent, it made her way of thinking arguably too similar to the Doctor’s. There wasn’t enough contrast between the two of them. Donna is the most likely out of the three to question the Doctor. She lets her emotions drive her in that she is always thinking about the people that are in danger or that die, and she wants to help them in any way that she can. For example, in The Fires of Pompeii, she refused to leave Pompeii without saving at least someone. I like that she makes the Doctor think about things in a different way sometimes.

I also think that David Tennant and Catherine Tate have a lot of chemistry. They are good friends outside of the show and they have similar senses of humor which translates on screen. People like to write off Donna as the “sassy companion” and say that she’s annoying, but I think there’s so much more to her than that. I’ll admit that I like sassy characters, but I also like characters with depth and a lot of emotional drive, which I think Donna has even though it’s often overlooked by fans. Those are the reasons that I love Donna Noble as a companion.

Why is Diversity Important?

The world in which we live is full of diversity. We are among different genders, races, religions, ages, socioeconomic statuses and many more each and every day. Diversity brings us together through the sharing of stories from various backgrounds and experiences, it allows us to see the world in a different perspective. Not only that, diversity is growing and it is important to learn and grow with it. Accept change as a good thing and embrace the positivity that comes with it. As an elementary education major, I find diversity extremely important due to the fact that school systems are one of the  main encounters for diversity. Diversity within the classroom and throughout the school is something that we need in this world. Students need to know that “different”, in any way shape or form, does not correlate with “bad” in any way and I can not wait to be apart of their learning of this. This is important to be taught at a young age so children are aware of their surroundings as they grow older and enter the workforce. Diversity is both beneficial and crucial when constructing a strong economy. It allows for a greater share of consumer market, a more creative and qualified workplace, and is a key aspect in entrepreneurialism. Though I have not yet officially entered the workforce myself, I have seen the benefits of diversity thoughout it.  I have also had the opportunity to see it here on campus. I have had the privilege of attending school here at Wartburg where diversity is a very real thing and the inclusion of everyone is strongly encouraged as is the sharing of the history that comes along with it. With diversity comes never ending learning. We as  humans become curious about what we do not know and therefore have endless amounts of questions to be asked. By discussing diversity we not only gain knowledge on something new, we build and gain relationships, whether that be through neighbors, church, school, friends etc. Diversity enriches our lives and makes them fuller rather than duller. Imagine a life where everyone and everything was the same. Everyone looks the same, acts the same, comes from the same place. Nothing would be interesting or exciting! Diversity is what makes us all unique, take that away and we lose a lot of what makes us special and what makes us who we are in this world.