Diversity in Mindsets

Something that I have especially noticed as I continue to watch the Doctor Who episodes is how the characters’ mindsets have a way of connecting as well as differentiating themselves from one another.

First, there is the simple difference between the intent of bad and good. It is obvious that characters such as Cassandra and the Daleks primarily have the intent of doing bad, which typically includes destroying the world and those in it. On the other hand, there are those who always strive for good. For example, the Doctor and Rose always intend to do good and save the planet as well as each other because they know how to do what’s necessary to protect the future. Rose’s mother as well as Mickey also possess good intentions, but for more selfish reasons than the intentions of Rose and the Doctor.

Jackie Tyler cares quite a bit about personal belongings and what makes her feel good. In the episode, “Rose”, Jackie went shopping and was completely unconcerned with the troubles that Rose was facing. When Rose tried to explain to her what was happening, she was in her own world that consisted of shopping and doing things for her own benefit. In the episode, “The Christmas Invasion”, when Jackie, Rose, and Mickey take the unwell Doctor into the TARDIS to hide, Jackie took several bags filled with unnecessary personal belongings, causing her to be at risk of missing the TARDIS altogether. She risked her safety for her personal belongings, which says a lot about her personality. She ultimately cares a lot about Rose, but she can be so distracted by her selfish ways at times that she appears to not care about her own daughter. I know if I were a caring mother, I wouldn’t allow my daughter to travel through time and space with some strange Doctor.

Mickey, on the other hand, cares about Rose a little too much. He’s always counting on Rose coming back for him someday and staying on Earth to be with him, but she wants to continue her adventures with the Doctor because she feels that her adventures give her more purpose than anything on Earth ever will. Mickey is now slowly realizing how much Rose loves the Doctor and is becoming less selfish about her, but I have a feeling that his feelings toward Rose will ultimately never change. He wants Rose for his own, but she cares about the Doctor too much to leave him for Mickey.

The mindset that has changed the most drastically throughout the show so far is definitely Rose’s. She began the first episode just as confused as every other human about why there were strange mannequins walking around killing people. Now, she is one of the smartest and most educated on why these strange things occur. When the Doctor introduced himself to Rose for the very first time, she was utterly confused by the term “Doctor” and didn’t understand who he was or why he didn’t have more to his name. Now, she has completely accepted that he is simply “The Doctor”, and puts a great deal of trust in him as she always has. Rose has also become virtually fearless in situations where she could potentially lose her life, but I feel as though that is perhaps a trait she has always possessed, but is more prominent now in her circumstances.



Revisiting, and the End of an Old Hero

I would like to start by saying this is not the first time I have watched Doctor Who. I may not have gotten into the show as my brother did when he binge-watched what all was on Netflix before they took it off the U.S. servers. I did watch a few episodes of each doctor from 9th through 12th, but never an entire season. As Dr. Lindgren said in class, the first doctor you watch is usually your favorite, and that is very true for myself. Christopher Eccelston was a fantastic introduction to the Doctor’s universe. Since it was the reboot, they had to explain a lot of things over again because of the new audience, which really helped my understanding.

Next, I want to review the 9th Doctor’s final episode, as he was my absolute favorite Doctor. It was a brilliant send off for the doctor that essentially “regenerated” the series. I really like how the Doctor was faced with such moral dilemmas, before, during, and after Rose’s decision. The Doctor was being faced with creating an explosion to kill all the new-gen Daleks and their original generation emperor that somehow survived the Time-War. But at the exact same time, Rose was taking matters into her own hands as she, Jackie, and Mickey rip off a part of the TARDIS so Rose can look in to the heart of it. That in my opinion is the biggest plot hole thus far of the “New-Who”, however it does not make it a garbage episode.

The Doctor sends Rose with the TARDIS, facing certain regeneration either by previously mentioned way of him setting off an explosion, or simply getting killed by a Dalek. When Rose looks in to the heart of the TARDIS it is the stupidest thing to do. It did not need to happen. Being that she had the TARDIS, the Doctor would have found his way back to it after regeneration, thus still creating the reunion and start of season 2 in the same shape. She did not need to put her own life at risk by absorbing that power, and singlehandedly be the reason for the 9th Doctor to regenerate. Rose would have been better off waiting, not putting herself in harm’s way, and getting the Tenth Doctor after he regenerated from the other two outcomes. Overall, it was a good episode and introduction to David Tennant. I am very excited to continue watching future Doctors in our class!


My First Doctor

“Who is your favorite doctor?” A student asks my professor on the first day of class. I watched as she smirked as if she gets asked this question all the time. Turns out it’s a common question to ask to fellow Whovian’s. She quickly answered with her favorite being the fourth doctor, Tom Baker, known as the one with the really long scarf. Her reasoning behind Tom Baker being her favorite was because he was the first one she started watching the show at. She then went around the room to whoever have seen the show and again asked them the same question. Many of their answers being a certain doctor because it was their first.

I am now finished with my first season of the new Doctor Who episodes. I say that my first doctor is the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston, known as the one with the black leather jacket. Throughout the show I grew to like his character more and more. As someone who has never seen an episode at all I was very wary about watching a show about an “alien doctor” At first, I would think to myself, “Who is the Doctor, why is he called the doctor and most importantly, where is he from.” Gradually this particular character started to grow on me. One of the main reasons I enjoyed watching the doctor’s character so much was because of how his feelings towards Rose grew stronger and stronger during each episode. Only were subtle hints were made throughout the season to show their relationship getting clearer in each episode. It wasn’t until almost the end of the season that I started noticing it. In episode 12 “Bad Wolf” the Doctor states to the Daleks that no matter what happens he will find Rose even if he has nothing to protect himself from them. After hearing him say this it came obvious to me how The Doctor truly felt about Rose. He would even risk his life to save hers and he did just that. In the final episode of the season The Doctor realizes that things were not going to end well with him so he made the courageous decision to send Rose back to her home in the past so she would be safe from all the war that was going to take place. Seeing all the love he had for Rose made it apparent to me at how well Christopher Eccleston played his role as the Doctor. So, Eccelston being my first doctor does that mean he will be my favorite? Only time will tell and by that, I mean many more episodes and Doctors from now.

Music to Movement, How Music Influenced How We Feel When We Watch TV

Have you ever listened to how other cultures music is different than ours, or even how the background music in a show changes? In movies or TV shows, music sets the mood, feeling, or idea for what is going to happen next or currently happening. Most people will notice the more obvious ones like when something sad happens, suddenly sad violin music comes on, or when something scary is happening and the music switches to loud John Williams type pieces.

In Doctor Who, they play a lot on what is going to happen next with the background music. For example, in the start of the episode “Father’s Day” the music signals to you that Rose narrating about her father is something sad, giving you the idea that something bad may have happened to him, then the narration tells you that he died. If you listen, many times when the TARDIS is starting to move (when the characters are already inside it) the music will start and it will play music that will lead you into the next scene. Again in “Father’s Day,” the music implies a curious tone leading into the scene where Rose is going to see her father so he will not be alone, but when she saves her father the music becomes screechy and loud, indicating that something bad has happened. It changes this way many times throughout that episode.

In the episode “The Empty Child,” for another example, when Rose discovers the child, the music is creepy and dangerous sounding, giving a hint that this may not be a safe situation. The same music comes on when there are interactions with the child later. Then, when Rose meets the officer who saves her and they go out to the top of the ship, the music gives a very stoic feeling to it. However, when the music changes to the homeless children, it changes. The music can indicate class. In the show, using the homeless children in “The Empty Child,” for example, the music changes to a simpler sound and a lower pitch, indicating the lower class or those who are in trouble. The music used to represent Rose in “Rose” was like this until it was shown she was a character that had gained more knowledge. Then her music changed to almost matched the Doctor’s music. It became more curious and fast-paced, along with more complicated rhythm and sound.

I think this is something to look at when watching future episodes. It is very intriguing to listen to and gives a better understanding of the dynamics of the shows.

Humanity; Worth the Effort?

When discussing if Humanity is worth The Doctor’s effort you have to take into account all of his incarnations and especially the individuals in question. To start Humanity is not a perfect race we often do some quite damnable things. For example the Doctor realizes that Humanity is flawed, he points it out quite a bit and even when angry uses the term “Stupid Ape” to describe humans. Which for someone of his role a protector and guardian he deems his charges as “stupid apes” and make it clear sometimes the individuals and sometimes the entire groups as a whole are clear they will not change for the good or the worse.

Often a running theme in the series is the fact humanity is frail and weak in compared to greater odds but even then still manages to be belligerent and aggressive look at Henry van Statten for example from Series 1’s Dalek episode. Despite the rampaging killer robo-tank he insists on not killing it, delaying progress and even allowing 200 people to be killed in its rampage. In that episode we also had the creepy technician who tortured the Dalek in order to make it talk until the Dalek was freed and it exacted revenge, now in this episode we got a glimpse of the full firepower of a Dalek but also we got a glimpse of a common human archetype, a greedy, selfish individual who attempted to sacrifice 200 people to have a pet Dalek. Issues like this can also be seen in the next episode The Long Game, Adam Mitchell whom decided it would be a grand idea to undergo a special surgery to allow a brain information port implanted within his skull. What did he do with this new access to Satellite Five’s information archive from the 21st century to thousands of years later? He decided to transmit that data back home to his answering machine so that he could possibly go home and and change the very course of history using that data! A greedy idea which cost him his companionship with the Doctor (On a side note; You all should look up the Doctor Who comics he appears in, he gets a finished story arc with a fitting end.) I guess besides this we can also see this form of greedy and self serving behavior from Rose in Father’s Day, where rose broke continuity and rescued her father from a car accident, only to create a spatial rift in time and to unleash a group of Reapers whom proceeded to murder and destroy half the town they were in and in the end she had to watch her father sacrifice himself just to resolve the timeline issue albeit with some of he interference making a difference in history (slight but not nothing, see Season 1 Finale)

Now, why does the Doctor continue to put up with this, he chooses to protect humanity even though more often than not there efforts have shown to create rifts in the world, from people around the Doctor creating errors in the timeline or attempting to break the timeline for selfish reasons, from villains whom are the result of greed and self serving behavior that ends up putting many people at risk, sometimes hundreds sometimes entire planets or species depending on what’s going on. I understand the Doctor wishes to help but when will enough be enough? What will be the last straw? I mean it takes wanton murdering and intergalactic purging for Daleks to be vilified in his eyes, but how about the humans whom do so much of the same as the Daleks spare a few whom are not as sour as the rest? We end up with so much death and destruction and for a good portion belonging to humans who took it upon themselves for one reason or another to go and do something stupid, such as trap a Dalek in a vault.. or prevent someone who is dead from being dead… or better yet transmitting the next several centuries of technological progress to your answering machine into the past.. with intent to manufacture all of it for yourself. Thank you for indulging me in this minor rant and informative post, and remember this whenever Humans do something stupid, or dangerous; Why does the Doctor choose to help us?



Doctor Who, but WHY?

I began this class with a preconceived dislike of Doctor Who. This was simply because my best friends in high school were all overly obsessed with Doctor Who. This drove me completely insane and caused me to become annoyed when they spoke about this amazing Doctor. I would tune out the numerous stories about the diverse adventures he went on with his very different companions. I would get so angry that they were talking about this series that I would get up in the middle of the conversation and walk the other way. As you could have guessed I have always been a “late bloomer” when it comes to the latest fads. Many examples include setting up Netflix and Snapchat accounts, downloading Trivia Crack, or Flappy Birds, and even buying a fidget spinner. Thus, leading me to jumping on the Grey’s Anatomy bandwagon years too late. And now causing me to jump onto the Doctor Who bandwagon over fifty years too late.

This revelation has taken me quite a while to admit out loud because of my long-lasting hatred of Doctor Who. It took me through the whole first season and watching the regeneration of the Ninth Doctor into the Tenth Doctor and 3 days after that season finale to finally admit that I enjoyed watching Doctor Who. Another reason it took me so long to come to this realization was because the first season of the new Doctor Who started out slow obviously with the many (re)introductions of all the characters from Daleks and Cybermen, all the way up to the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose, whom audiences were meeting for the first time.


However, it eventually pulled me in, especially when I realized that there was a bit of romance blooming between Rose and the Doctor. Every single time that I was watching an episode I would be rooting for a kiss, although I know that this romance had some backlash when it was first release. But I am someone that likes a bit of drama, I really liked the flirtatious chemistry between the two and I am ready for season two and finding out if the regeneration causes a shift in the obvious chemistry between Rose and the Doctor and to obviously follow their many new adventures.

Now let me send you off with one of my favorite quotes from season one and a meme to describe how much I, now, enjoy watching Doctor Who. My quote occurred in the second episode of the first season and happens when the Doctor is avenging the death of his friend, Jabe, by letting Cassandra dry up and die (or so we think). The Doctor says, “Everything dies, everything has their time.” I think he should have restated this when he was getting ready to regenerate because it was such a good and emotional line. I believe that is why I was so stuck on it when I was watching this whole season. Now on to my meme, which describes how I have recently jumped on the Doctor Who bandwagon:


Eyes Open

Before taking this class I never really understood or had my “eyes open” to all of the diversity we have in this world. I went to a high school that was not really worried about what you wore or if you had the “in” things so I haven’t really been educated on diversity either at my school. What shocks me the most is how much diversity I have in my life that I never really realized until now. My step mother has been to Italy so when I told her that I was taking a class about diversity she told me she was very excited for me to learn about diversity. She told me while she was in Italy she took a painting class, while taking this class a women about her age told her that when she was in the United States visiting some of her friends were talking about how different Italy is compared to the US meaning the food and clothes. During class a couple days ago when we were in groups listing all of the things that are diverse in the world. After the board was all full of the things I sat in my desk and started thinking about how even the things we wear, the things we eat, electronics, basically everything in this world is diverse.

As I have been watching Doctor Who I have been noticing all of the diverse things that are happening in the show. For example, how Rose talked because she was from London and then the way the Doctor talked. Even though the Doctor has an accent, it’s definitely not the same as Rose’s. Another diverse thing that I have noticed right off the bat is that Rose and her mother are the lower class in London. Rose didn’t go to college, has a job at a clothing store and lives in an apartment or flat. The Doctor really doesn’t have a class considering he time travels everywhere. The point to this is is that when I first started watching the show I never really was looking for diverse things mostly because I didn’t really know what diversity really was. After watching about 3 episodes and then talking about it in class I now understand and see all of the diverse things that are happening in the show. Even thought we have only been in class a couple days, I have found that my knowledge of diversity has greatly improved.