The Many Roads Leading to the NFL


In 2016 a study was done on the Denver Broncos locker room. The study consisted of different surveys and questionnaires that were done to show the diversity in the locker room. As one player was quoted saying, “the NFL locker room is the most diverse place on earth.” The whole point of the study was to see how well an NFL locker room represents the many different social classes and ranks that we have.

One of the first things that the study did was ask the players on a scale of 1 to 5 what their household prosperity was growing up. (1 being lower class, 2 lower-middle class, 3 middle class, 4 upper-middle, 5 upper.) Eighty six percent of white players stated that they grew up in middle or higher level income households. Ninety five percent of non-white players reported that they grew up in middle or lower income households. Going on to the next generation, seventy one percent of white players said that their parents received a college education. Only fifty six percent of non-white players had parents that received a college degree.

The roster breakdown of race was fifty seven percent black, twenty seven percent caucasian, six percent black/caucasian, and six percent other. The result of all of this is a room full of people that come from all different places. Some players had money growing up and had all of the camps in the word accessible to them. Others simply went to the park and played pick up ball everyday. And the differences continue, some people had a nice big house to go home to everyday with a meal waiting for them. While others lived in an apartment with their extended family, and they may not have known when their next meal was.

To add even more diversity to all of this the study did a survey on political and religious views. In 2016, only thirty three percent of the Denver Broncos players participated in the election. That’s seventeen out of fifty one players that even voted. Not even tying in who they voted for and what political party they identify with. When asked about religion eighty six percent of the players said that they are christian, eight percent atheist, 2 percent muslim, 2 percent theist, and 2 percent undecided.

With all of these differences one would wonder how it is possible to bring these individuals together. The study didn’t even factor in coaches, managers, and owners and their backgrounds. This is one of the things that I find most intriguing about sports. People can come together from all different walks of life and compete together like a family. Many willing to do anything for their teammates. I love how sports can bring a community, state, and even country together as one.



Silence in Wonderland

The episode Silence in the Library was an interesting episode. I reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I really like Alice in Wonderland and I really enjoy watching the movies. In the Doctor Who episode the little girl is having dreams that she is in a library. This is similar to Alice in Wonderland because Alice also has strange dreams but in Alice’s dreams she is in Wonderland. One big difference between the two is that in the library there are no other people or other creatures whereas in Wonderland there are many people, animals and other creatures. Another similarity between the two is that they both seem to be relatively scary places. In Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s father believes that her dreams are true and that is similar to the episode Silence in the Library because there are people that believe the little girl is telling the truth about her library. Both, the episode and the movie, are relatively scary and have one major antagonist. In Alice in Wonderland the antagonist is the Red Queen and in Silence in the Library the antagonist are the shadows. I think that the writers of these two pieces have very similar imaginations.

I use the word imagination because these pieces are so unique. Wonderland is a very interesting, colorful, and strange place. It would take quite the imagination to think of a place like that. Although the setting of Silence in the Library is not as unique as Wonderland, the antagonist is unique. The writer choosing to use shadows as the antagonists in this episode they were doing something that as far as I know of had never been done before. The antagonist in Alice in Wonderland on the other hand, was not quite as unique. I feel it is very common to have an evil queen ruling harshly resulting in an uprising from there people. Using a library as the setting for Silence in the Library seems like it would be a boring setting but I feel it is interesting and imaginative. I don’t think that many people find library’s a scary place so it is interesting that the writers were able to create such a creepy place from what would normally be so innocent.

Diversity in Professions other than Fire

In my examinations of fire departments and EMS and how diversity relates to that career field it has opened some questions as to how diversity relates to other career fields. As I have spoken about before the Fire department spectrum has shown extreme advancements in opportunity for African Americans and women. But as far as other career fields I have no idea how African Americans and women are succeeding or failing with that respect.

Upon looking at which jobs African Americans are doing extremely well in looking at percentages of African Americans in the relative jobs there are several health care positions, which is extremely prestigious to be a doctor or nurse for any race or gender. Along with healthcare positions the African American spectrum has touched the airline industry. Those are the quote “prestigious jobs” on the list but when looking at others such as footlocker and quicken loans and reading what employees say about what it is like to work there, the general response is something like: I am fortunate to be a part of the team and it feels as though everyone helps everyone become a better worker and person as well as learning more about the respective field that they are working in. For example, footlocker employees have learned more about the retail business instead of just “working for the store and selling shoes.”

Along the lines of women and how they are doing in careers and what careers they are doing the best in, the number one women dominated career is…you guessed it NURSING. It says for every 10 nurses 9 are women. The women dominated career fields seem they are based around the stereotypical women jobs such as school teachers, phycologists, counselors. The articles don’t say much about up and coming careers that women are making a rise in but accordingly there seem to be a majority of the women in careers that they have typically “always been in” and not a lot of rise in women in careers dominated by men.

The career analysis of African Americans looked at “expansion of African Americans” in prestigious careers that are looked favorably among the public. The article has a sort of bright expansionary tone to it and how many African Americans are beginning to excel in respective career fields but the article looking at women in the career fields as well as the search in for an article showed careers that women are already doing well in not careers that are looking up as far as women becoming prominent in. So perhaps there is room for improvement in growth amongst women in careers dominated by men

Exploring the World of Fan Fiction and Vidding

Coming into this IS 201 class, I had no prior experience with fan fiction or vidding; I honestly didn’t know what to expect until we started discussing them more in-depth within the classroom. I’ve never been much of a television show fanatic before, so this could explain my lack of experience. While I love to watch entertaining movies, I have never gone further than simply talking with others about opinions on the movies. Luckily, this class provided me with a great opportunity for experiencing fanaticism and learning more about fanfiction and vidding altogether.

My first impressions of vidding were not the best. The six-part series of MIT videos that we watched for class originally made me think vidding was pretty lame; it seemed odd that people would put so much effort into making those videos, and personally, I just wasn’t very interested. However, after discovering a few other examples of vidding on my own, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how well some videos were put together after the editing process. Most of the individuals who make vids dedicate hours of their own time perfecting each and every transition to correlate with a specific song of their choosing. Many of the videos focus on a certain theme and try to display it throughout the duration of the video. While there were a few exceptions, most of the vids were actually very entertaining to watch.

Skimming through the fan fiction websites was also interesting, but seemed weird at first as well. There were so many different types of fan fiction available for readers to look at; from angst to fluff, the genres were endless, and within each genre, there were so many different types of stories. It appeared as though some of the authors dedicated a lot of their time to making these pieces of fan fiction, while others could have put a story together in a few minutes. Nevertheless, I enjoyed getting to read through these stories; they definitely helped me write my piece of fan fiction.

Overall, it is clear that both fan fiction and vidding provide opportunities for passionate fans to create imaginative pieces displaying their enthusiasm for the show. It is also an opportunity for them to be recognized for their fanaticism and is a powerful way to connect with other super fans. For individuals unfamiliar to fan fiction and vidding, like myself, it is important to acknowledge these different types of fan culture; having an open perspective is crucial when examining both fan fiction and vidding.

Doctor Who fanfiction

When we had to create a fanfiction for class I had no idea what I was going to do. I have never done something like that. However, being a fan of the show really helped me out with it a bit. I had a bit of insight that allowed me to come up with and idea in my mind and put in in paper form on the computer and printed out. Fan fiction is something that has been around in a many forms but more and more people are getting into.

Fixed Points in Time

Before watching Doctor Who, I wondered enough about the possibilities of time travel and really all the elements that time possibly had the power to manipulate. Was time travel possible? What if I did this action, whether big or small, differently? Was there or will there ever be a parallel universe where another me is living their own life, totally different from mine? So many questions that logically may never be answered. Then comes Doctor Who and takes every thing I thought, multiplied it by ten, covered it in lots of glitter, and then exploded it over everything I had known. The show not only obliterated the boundaries my mind has created, but it opened up so much more for me to think about. One of the things that I am still wrapping my head around are the fixed points in time and flexible points in time. How do you know the difference between the two? How do you make the choices you’re faced with when you have two undesirable options? If you make the wrong choice, how do you deal with that guilt and sense of failure? I honestly don’t know how the Doctor can do it but the fact that he does and finds the courage to keep going and keep fighting is truly inspirational. It also makes me more sad for him, just imagining all the different thoughts that are racing through his mind at all times.

Wait… I missed something!?

Being a previous Whovian re-watching for diversity was extremely interesting. Upon re-watching I also have noticed the foreshadowing and clues they put in to the future start earlier than previously noticed. For example, bad wolf begins in season 1 but the Doctor and Rose don’t notice that it is following them around the universe until the middle of season 2. As early as the beginning of season 2 you notice the vote Saxon posters in the background which aren’t apart of the story until the end of season 3. In season 3 there is also the use of the Timelords heartbeat which comes into play in season 4 with the Doctor Donna and the specials after leading to the Tenth Doctors death and regeneration. In season 5 you begin to see these cracks appearing that seem to focus in on Amelia Pond, which then cause a whole issue in season 5 and lead to the grand ending which is that the crack caused by the exploding TARDIS. Another larger clue was the ‘Silence will Fall, Doctor’ this was used in season 5 for the large plot line set up of season 6.

Within other little story lines amongst the longer storyline there are also clues as to what the truth or future will bring. A prime example of this is in the episode “Utopia” they had professor Y.A.N.A. which stood for You Are Not Alone which is what the Face of Boe told the Doctor before he died. In the same episode, they also have Jack present for all he tells the Doctor which leads up to the big reveal that the Face of Boe is Jack at the end of the story; though how he made that transformation is never revealed. In the “Time of Drums” as the toclafane are invading the Master begins playing a song in which they are referred to as your future which is a clue as to what the toclafane really are. Another is the Doctors hand being cut off and falling to earth in “The Christmas Invasion” because Jack comes back into play with the hand as a Doctor tracker which also leads to the Master getting the hand and using it for his purposes. Later the hand is used at the end of season four when the Doctor gets struck by a dalek and regenerated, he used it to keep his form and syphon off the excess energy which comes into play with creating a new Doctor and the creation of the Doctor Donna.

I love seeing the different things that the writers set up whether it be for the season or for a long-term plot hidden in the background for a long-term plot line or just within an episode storyline. It is a lot of fun to see all the little things that if you hadn’t seen in the show before when watching the show because they don’t connect in your mind as an important detail. This says that the writers have an idea where the show is going and they are going to do what they can to keep the viewers interested.