Why slavery exist?

As the Doctor and his companion travel back and forth from past, present, and future, the humans eventually get an alien species called Ood that serves the humans. At first glance, it seems as though the Ood are willing to serve the humans but then the Doctor finds out that the Ood has been brainwashed and made the Ood willing to serve. At the end, the Doctor was able to save the Ood and the Ood was able to go back to their home planet. What’s confusing is why does slavery exist; why do higher species have the common thought progress of creating slaves?

The first thought that came in mind is the fact that people are lazy in general. If anyone had a choice, no one wouldn’t like to do hard labor, everyone would prefer to do whatever he or she wants to do without much effort put into. Because there are people like these in the word, they tend to find someone else to do the labor is that the lazy person wouldn’t have to do the labor themselves. Slaves are then created in order for people to have easier lives despite the fact slavery is bad to do to species.

Another thought that came to thought as to why slavery still exists may possibly be just the sense of superiority. What I mean by the sense of superiority is the feeling you’ll get when you order someone around to do things. In life, there will always be someone who is superior than anyone and because that person is superior, you gotta follow what they order you to do. No one likes to take orders from anyone especially if its something you don’t want to do and so that stress of powerless grows. While not everyone but a lot of people feels as though ordering someone else around that is of lower status has a good feeling behind it. So what I’m basically saying is that slaves are also viewed as stress reliever from their bosses that they have to take orders from

As to what we had gone over, we identify the reasons as to why slavery still exists in today’s society.  Slaves are a helpful source of someone doing the job for you as well as a sense of superiority. What’s need to be understood is that slavery is something wrong. People who are slaves are just as humans as we are, we don’t have that right to consider someone a slave. Just as we don’t like to take orders, slaves doesn’t like to take orders as well and they want as much freedom than any other.


Final Thoughts on the Class, Not the Show

Going into the Doctor Who class, I wasn’t sure what all would happen but I hoped that I would enjoy it. Here we are, the end of the semester, and I am an addict. I am proud to say that I am too. I have spent too much of my life worrying about what others think of me. Life is too short to let anyone decide how you should feel. Since I embraced that, I have been able to embrace my inner weirdo and enjoy my life with all my interests because I no longer care what others think of me. This class has been really fun, and I feel like it has brought me closer in thinking about our society in comparison to Brittan’s as well as diversity. Diversity in Doctor Who may not be as apparent as it could be, they do a much better job than a lot of shows do. The ways in which they present the diversity also varies. In some ways, the diversity is very explicit, and in other ways it is very implicit. No matter what the medium, I was able to see and connect to it. Beyond learning about diversity, I was able to watch and learn about a really great show. From the plot to the characters, Doctor Who is a wonderful show that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this semester. I am really excited to go back through and re-watch all the episodes, in order!

As far as my favorite Doctor goes, I honestly don’t think that I could pick one if I wanted to. At first I liked 9, then I loved 10, but then 11 grew on me, and I’m still iffy on 12. All the doctors have specific traits that make me love them, and they also have some that drive me nuts. At this point, I feel like I have seen the most constant episodes of 10, so for now he is still my top. After I see more of 11 and 12, my opinions might change. For companions… Rose still has that place in my heart, but I have really come to adore Amy! I’m not sure if River counts as a companion, but if she does, she is hands down my favorite. There are so many things I love about her! They are all great but she takes the cake for me. I am happy I took this class and I’m excited to watch it on my own and take everything at my own pace!

River Song is Amazing. Period.

Ever since her first debut on the show, I have loved River Song. Her hair, her accent, her attitude, but especially her relationship with the Doctor. River has to be one of the most amazing and interesting people on that show, and that’s saying something. As the show goes on and we see more of her, her personality, life, and purpose become more and more confusing and interesting at the same time. Right when you think you have figured her out, you get thrown another curve ball. It is literally like a never-ending curving road that has a bunch of speed bumps and other hazards in its path. At sometimes it may seem like the complexity of River may get exhausting or that people might get tired of it, but no matter what happens, you’re left wanting more. River can be anyone, anytime, any place and do a better job than the person themselves. She is so dramatic and full of life.

The fact that she cares for and loves the Doctor as much as she does even with all the things she knows that he, she, and they will go through is another reason why I like her so much. She has an unbreakable devotion to the Doctor, and its an absolutely amazing thing to see, even if the first time we meet her, River dies. A big part of River’s story I was not expecting was the fact that River is Amy and Rory’s daughter. The entire scene in “Demon’s Run”, I was glued to my computer, like an inch away from the screen, trying to comprehend what had happened. It is a freaking amazing idea and I love the way they chose to have the prayer cloth tell the truth. I also love how the Doctor and Amy and Rory react when they find out. Knowing that all this bad stuff can happen to someone and yet they still find their way to becoming what River is is awesome. Another part I love is with River and Amy after the Doctor and River get married and the Doctor ‘dies’. The look on River and Amy’s faces when Amy gets told the secret about the Doctor and the look of I don’t even know what it is on Amy’s face when she realizes and says that the Doctor is her son-in-law. Pure comedy. Bottom line, I love River Song. She is amazing.River-Song-Spoilers

General Look At Diversity In Doctor Who

I recently wrote a paper on how racial diversity is used and displayed throughout the first three seasons of the New Who Series.  Looking at this was very interesting and I learned a lot.  I looked at the history of race in the UK along with the current state of race issues in the UK.  This gave me a basis of why Doctor who lacks in racial diversity at times.  Throughout this blog post I want to talk about other forms of diversity I found while watching more Doctor Who episodes for class.  I found a good amount of gender diversity while watching Doctor Who.  The Doctor is a male and the companions is typically a female, but other jobs that are present in the show do not seem to have gender specific roles.  You see males in roles that are typically seen as female jobs and you have females who are in what we would typically consider masculine roles.  This is something that I like about the show because it is different than a lot of other shows on television.  Through the recent episodes I saw which were the eleventh and twelfth doctor, there was a lot more racial diversity than what was there in the start of the new who.  You saw many different ethnic groups.  In the first few seasons of the new who it seemed that the only racial diversity was a black male here or there.  Now it seems that there are several different ethnicities present in Doctor Who.  There were some points in the show where I noticed stereotypical ethnic jobs.  There were a couple scenes where the real-life doctor would be someone of the Asian or Indian heritage which to me seemed stereotypical.  We have discussed that the goal of this show is not to display diversity, but it makes the show more enjoyable that they do.  In our society, today we expect to see diversity and when we do not see diversity it is weird.  It was completely opposite of this a long time ago.  I have enjoyed watching and interpreting the plot of Doctor Who and the diversity that exists in the show.  I have now become more aware of diversity throughout the media which is something that is important to me now.  I hope to continue to interpret other shows that I see along with other pieces of the media in the future.

Saying goodbye to Martha :(

Throughout the series and episodes that I have watched during the course of this term I fell in love with Martha.  Literally from the Shakespeare episode I knew that i liked her more than Rose.  I realize that this is not a popular opinion nor realistic to many long time fans of the show due to the large role she had to follow up.  Rose was probably the best character to continually pull attention to and hook the audience due to her love for the Doctor and his eventual love for her.  The sob story stuff was a hit to everyone except me.  I hated Rose, she treated Mickey like crap, left her mom stranded alone and only cared about herself throughout time and space.  Too often she abandoned Mickey and others to follow her interest in the Doctor and would do anything for him.  Including look into the heart of the TARDIS.  Probably the worst way to end the suspenseful BAD WOLF thing they had going btw…  After she goes away (finally) they had to introduce a new female character to accompany the Doctor and continue tradition.  Luckily the producers had their heads on straight and decided to included a person of color as the main companion to the Doctor.  Martha to the rescue! In her to short of time on the show ,in my opinion, she was able to rationally change the Doctor and his perspective on many things.  Donna even says that she did him some good.  I hate Donna too by the way.  Only because shes loud and not Martha :-).  Martha brought a lot to the table and helped progress the story-line.  Most notably her addition to the racial diversity of the cast but also the long consistent flow that seemed to develop with Rose.  She loves him, he loves her but doesn’t show it well, he’ll do anything for her, has to save her… blah blah blah.

At the end of the day I feel that Martha Jones did the Doctor a lot of good and opened his eyes a little bit into how he affects the companions during and after he leaves them.  She didn’t let herself get stuck in the loop and continue to follow the Doctor like a puppy but rather made the grown up decision to help her family and stay at home.

Basically whenever a new character is introduced I am less and less excited because it isn’t Martha and all i want is for her to come back and have more adventures with the Doctor. 😦

History of the TARDIS and the Sonic

So, there were reasons to how the TARDIS ended up looking on the inside and outside… This isn’t revealed until the New Who when it is revealed that it does take 6 people to fly the TARDIS. It was also revealed that TARDIS’ aren’t built they are grown like trees from a seed and then the equipment and everything is added later. This is part of why there is mismatched and some strange equipment in the console. When the TARDIS is being remodeled there is some new equipment that is changed and updated but it’s always recognizable things that must have been reused from somewhere, like Eleven had ketchup and mustard bottles and Nine and Ten had the monitor, a keyboard, and the small sledgehammer on the string that does get used occasionally. The TARDIS also has a soul as discovered in “The Doctors Wife” and can see all parts of time even then, but the real question is whether the Doctor stole the TARDIS or if the TARDIS stole the Doctor. As this is what the TARDIS also called sexy keeps reminding the Doctor of. The console is slightly redone with each Doctor but they all resort back to the same basic layout with either a hexagon or circular shape. The Ninth and Tenth Doctors layouts had the pillars that branched which was designed off choral and trees to reflect that the TARDIS is grown and is a living thing.

The exterior of the TARDIS also has never really changed and this was explained with the chameleon circuit being broken. This seems to be a defect in a lot of the TARDIS’s. This is my theory because when the 12th Doctor and Clara stole another previous version of a TARDIS Clara took it and had it shape into a diner for her final meeting with the Doctor who could no longer remember her. We then saw her TARDIS take off and it kept the shape of the diner and they mentioned that the circuit went down again. This was a defect created so the show could keep one object that people would recognize as the Doctor’s no matter when and where it landed and it was an easy way to save money by not needing to replace the TARDIS constantly.

Did you know the Sonic Screwdriver was taken out of Doctor Who in Classic Who? Upon bringing the show back Davies decided he wanted to keep a device that kids could play with and the Doctor could use in times of need for simpler tasks like picking a lock to save time because episodes went from two hours to fifty minutes. He did include flaws in the screwdriver in that it can’t get past a deadbolt lock or wood, and this does come up a few times in episodes. The sonic is a device connected and created by the TARDIS. When the Doctor needs a new sonic the TARDIS will produce it and based off the interior design of the console room. I look forward to where they will take the TARDIS design and technology like the sonic in the future.