The Phantom of the Caves

For my first free write, I have decided to compare and contrast Jek (the villain from “The Caves of Androzani”) with the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera. For those of you who don’t know, The Phantom of the Opera was originally a book published in 1909 (, and was later turned into a musical.

There are many similarities between Jek and the Phantom. Let’s start with the obvious. They look very similar. Here is a photo for reference. Jek is on the left and the Phantom is on the right.



           They both wear masks to cover their facial deformities. The Phantom’s face is scarred from a birth defect, and Jek was scarred while working with Morgus to harvest spectrox. Another big thing they have in common is their loneliness. They both hide away from the world because of their deformities. They also both long for love, even though they aren’t the best at interacting with women. Jek wants to be with Peri, but she doesn’t want to be with him. The Phantom takes a woman named Christine away from her fiancé so he can be with her. I guess no one told him that girls usually don’t fall in love with you if you kidnap them, unless they develop Stockholm syndrome.

One of the major differences between them is how they pick the girl they love. I’m pretty sure Peri was the only girl Jek had access to in the caves, so he decided to love her. The Phantom is choosier when it comes to women. He falls in love with Christine because they both share a passion for music, and because she is kind to him when no one else is.

All in all these two characters are very similar. Both make you feel sorry for them, even though each is supposed to be the bad guy. Both hurt people, but all they really want is someone to love them, even though they have scars.


2 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Caves”

  1. Interesting comparison between the Phantom and Jek. I don’t know much about the Phantom, but I find the comparison involving these two’s love lives pretty funny. One thing I’d like to say on Jek’s behalf is that he literally only had one girl to choose from. I know you also mentioned this, but seriously, if I was that thirsty for love and a woman like Peri finally stumbled into my cave, I would be at least as nervous and desperate as he was. All I’m saying is Jek didn’t have the luxury of finding a woman that shares a common musical interest with him like the Phantom did. Either way, someone should tell Jek to leave the mask on if he ever gets into speed dating.


  2. I love how you compared the Phantom and Jek. They are actually very similar, especially with why they wear the mask. Although watching Jek in Doctor Who I will say, in my opinion, he seems a little more creepy than the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. I do agree with what Riley said about Jek being nervous when a woman came into his cave.

    Good job on comparing the two! It was very interesting to read!


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