A reaction to the global phenomenon from a girl who is “New to the Who”

When signing up for the course, “Doctor Who: Rise of Cult Phenom,” I had no idea what I was getting into. I had heard of Doctor Who before, but nowhere to the point of ever being exposed to a show or even to the basic details of what it’s about. I came into the class with an open mind, but little did I know that I would learn to enjoy the show and want to learn more.

The first thing I noticed was that the show has an incredible fan base. I have never noticed such loyalty to a show as the Dr. Who fans. Of course, this could be because the show ran for nearly 30 years then had a reboot in 2005, which may I add is still airing today. Regardless, I think a main factor in the show’s popularity is the fact that it continuously is finding creative story lines and constantly surprising the viewers.

An often occurrence that is surprising is when the Doctor regenerates. I am always confused when there’s a new Doctor, but there is something intriguing about it. The concept of having a different lead actor playing the same role is genius. Sometimes, I find myself forming opinions about the Doctors and actually liking certain actors over others. I’m finally starting to understand why every fan I encounter has their “favorite Doctor.”

I may not be at the same level of fandom as other Dr. Who watchers, but I am starting to have a sense of what the show is all about. I’m becoming to like the show more and more and am excited to start watching the modern Dr. Who episodes. You never know, maybe I too will become a “Whovian.”


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