Dr. Who vs Superheros

Tom Baker compares the Doctor and Superman

For my first free write, I would like to compare and contrast the Doctor and superheroes. Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor) once said, “I suppose superman only uses a phone box because he’s rather prudish and modest, and doesn’t want to take his knickers off in public. But I think compared to the character of Doctor Who, he’s a bit of a bonehead, isn’t he, superman? He punches things out. Whereas the character I am involved with tries to think things out”. The Doctor and superheroes all have problems they need to solve but each one does it differently.

Tom Baker brings up a fantastic point through this observation. We can see this in any episode of Doctor Who, whether the Doctor is trying to defeat a monster or just fixing a small problem. Tom Baker made the point that the first thing superheroes (superman specifically) do is “punch it out”, which, to me, seems to be true. In the Marvel movies I have seen this seems to be the case. I like the way Tom Baker points out that the Doctor thinks about ways to solve the problems he faces, and you can visually see this in the episodes.

The lesson in Tom Bakers point is pretty clear. He shows people that violence is not the answer and to think first about the kinds of actions and the consequences that come with them. I believe Baker made this lesson more interesting by comparing it to superman because it gives a visual image to the lesson.


One thought on “Dr. Who vs Superheros”

  1. I really like this post! I hadn’t thought about comparing the Doctor with any superheroes. I agree that most superheroes kill the “bad guys” without ever stopping to think of other solutions. I think it is really neat that the Doctor sometimes shows compassion to his enemies.


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