Change is Good

Before taking this class, I had never seen an episode of Doctor Who. I have friends who watch the show, but their conversations about Daleks and the TARDIS went straight over my head. There was one topic, however, that did intrigue me. I never understood how one show could go through so many different actors without confusing the viewers or changing the show completely. Now that I’ve been introduced to the concept of regeneration, I understand how it works. While the idea to have the doctor regenerate was not always the writer’s plan, it was extremely successful for the show.

Having watched several episodes of classic Doctor Who now, I have gotten used to the doctor changing. It is really interesting to see how each new actor chooses to portray the role of the Doctor. My favorite doctor from the classic episodes is the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. He was occasionally goofy, a deeply moral man, and a fatherly figure to his companions. I think his personality fit the character of the Doctor really well. The First Doctor, on the other hand, is my least favorite. While I have only watched a few episodes starring William Hartnell, I was not a fan of his portrayal of the Doctor. He always acted as if he was superior to humans, which I did not like. I understand he is a Time Lord, but his first two companions were also extremely intelligent.

There is still a lot I don’t understand about this complex show, but I think the idea of regeneration is a big part of it. Watching the episodes, I was constantly intrigued by the changing actors and their new quirks. Change does not always have to be a bad thing, and for Doctor Who, I believe it is the best thing for the show.



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