Dr. Who and the Super Bowl- Halftime Show

We discuss in every class period that there are not enough races or different gender roles played in Doctor Who. I am going to compare how the Super Bowl Halftime Show just like Doctor Who will never be able to please everyone.


As Dr. Who progresses we see the demand for a racially diverse or a female Dr. However, this has not happened yet. Although it is possible the next Dr. is going to be a female some active fans of Dr. Who want more. If the next Dr. is a female then they will say the Dr. after her should be a racially diverse female or male. However, it is a huge honor to be named as a Dr. In the show. Whatever happens in Dr. Who fans will always want more and there will always be critics to who got the role.


This brings me to the Super Bowl halftime show. This year it was a diverse show with Coldplay- probably the most white stereotypical white band of America, Beyoncé- an African American idol or “goddess” as some people make her out to be, and Bruno Mars- an African American singer that plays upbeat songs mostly about love and girls. These artists covered America’s main demographics however it did not cover all of them. Every year there is large speculation on who is going to be playing at halftime. This is because the Super Bowl is the most watched thing in the United States. It is a huge honor to play at the Super Bowl but no mater what type of music or race the artist is there will always be people who want more or have something critical to say.


Comparing the two begins with race and gender in Dr. Who, and the halftime show with race and type of music (genre). People are never going to perfectly agree on what should be the perfect Dr. or who would be the perfect artist to perform at halftime. However, that is what makes Dr. Who so special! The longest running TV show has done something right. They keep people hooked by hinting to the audience that they might have a female Dr. or even an African American Dr. This is what drives people to watch the show. Just like people who watch the halftime show want to watch it for the different artists. Which is exactly like Dr. Who and the different Dr.’s, it would have been a very boring TV show if we never got to see different Dr.’s.


Life is full of people wanting one thing or another. People want Dr. Who to bring in different races or gender within the Dr. Just like some people want one artist or a different one at the halftime show. The different choices is what keeps people interested but no one combination of Dr. or performers will ever be perfect enough to satisfy all the fans. Thanks for reading the loosely tied ideas of the Super Bowl and Dr. Who.


Here’s a link if you would like to re-watch the halftime show:


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