The “Regeneration” of Rose

The Doctor is not the only one who changes through the Doctor Who series. We are introduced to Christopher Eccleston during season one of the reboot, and in efforts to save Rose by absorbing the energy from the TARDIS’s heart, we meet the tenth, Doctor David Tennant, by season two. Not only did this change in doctors occur, but Rose’s appearance and character seemed to transform as well.



Looking at this first image, we see Rose as she started in the series. She usually wore hoodies/sweatshirts most of the time, and looked like an average teenager of the working class population in London. Her mother and boyfriend also seemed to wear similar things. Through the season, we learn that Rose did not go to a college or university and worked at a shop everyday. During her visits back to her mother and boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend, this relationship seemed to be a little complicated), she would mention that the doctor showed her a better life. In a way, I see Rose’s character mature through these experiences.


Though I have only seen three episodes of season two, I can see obvious changes in Rose’s character. Looking at the second image from season two, her short hair and change in clothes make her look more mature. She does not wear hoodies and sneakers as much and makes more of an effort to find outfits to fit in to wherever they are travelling next, such as in “Tooth and Claw”. However, her attempt is backfired when they arrive in 1879 instead of 1979 and her t-shirt and overalls are making everyone consider her naked. Along with looking physically different, her sexual relationship with the Doctor also seems to be more apparent.

But why does Rose change so much? During “New Earth”, when Cassandra takes over her body and kisses the doctor, she says she did it because she was in Rose’s head and could tell she was attracted to him. Looking back at past episodes, it is clear there is attraction and that it has been building up. Though many people thought Rose and the Doctor in season 1 were together, there were also many comments about how far in age the two were, making the possibility of a sexual relationship weird. However, now that the Doctor has regenerated and appears to be much younger; this makes a possible relationship between Rose and the Doctor a little more accepting to the public . The fact that Rose’s appearance also seems to change with the regeneration of the Doctor may also be because she is suddenly even more attracted to a younger doctor. Perhaps this was exactly what writers were thinking when they chose to cast David Tennant next…


2 thoughts on “The “Regeneration” of Rose”

  1. I don’t know about you but I would like to see the Doctor and Rose fall in love. I’ve noticed that there is a lot of flirting that goes on but nothing ever seems to happen. At the end of Season 1 when the Doctor kisses Rose to save her, my heart melted. However, when she woke up and didn’t remember, then that was it and nothing was mentioned about it. Maybe it’s not possible for the Doctor to be in love with a companion on a romantic level? It would make the show rather interesting that’s for sure. For example, what would happen when the Doctor regenerates? Maybe we will get the answer in Season 2, who knows!


  2. You bring up an interesting point, but I am of the opposite opinion. I believe that if the Doctor was to fall in love with one of his companions, the show would be more about their relationship drama than the adventure and travel. I like that the Doctor has almost a fatherly relationship with his companions, and maybe that’s why they trust him so explicitly right away.


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