Why there is no room for love in the TARDIS

Having grown up with Disney movies and other fairytales, I have always enjoyed watching two people fall in love and living “happily ever after.” I have the same type of feeling when watching Doctor Who. However, no matter how much I want the Doctor to fall in love with his companion, I know that it can never happen. There are many factors that play into this, but for the most part it comes down to the storyline of the show.

In season 1 of the reboot, it is obvious that Rose has an attraction to the Doctor and vise versa. The only problem is that the Doctor can’t fall in love with the companion without ruining the layout of the show. I say this mainly because of the concept of regeneration. For example, if the Doctor would regenerate and the companion stays the same, then would they still be in love? Technically, the Doctor would have the same “soul,” but it’s also not the same physical Doctor. Continuing the love interest wouldn’t seem ethical in my opinion nor would I want to see the companion in love with a visually different Doctor. The only way for the love interest to work would be to have the companion die at the same time the Doctor regenerates, or have the companion regenerate also. I’m not sure how well the fans would respond to that, given the fact that the companion is almost always human. As you can see, the issue can be rater dicey, which could very well be the reason why the writers avoided it in the first season.

If there were to be a love interest for the Doctor I would be quite surprised. However, if the show decides to throw a curveball at me and add in a love story, then I would be very curious to see how the writers would continue the story. In the meantime, I think I will stick to Nicholas Spark’s movies and novels to get my romance-fix and leave Doctor Who for action and adventure.


2 thoughts on “Why there is no room for love in the TARDIS”

  1. I agree! It would be very tricky to work in a romantic scenario into the show; however, as time goes on and ideas for the show run thin, perhaps we could see some kind of doctor romance. I’m not saying it is the best idea for the continuity of the show, but if advertised the right way, I feel like they could get a sudden boost of viewership, which could come in handy if times get tough for the show. For now, I will agree that the doctor probably will not be exploring e-Harmony or TimeLordsMingle.com anytime soon.


  2. I also agree with this! I would love it if the show allowed for the Doctor to have a long-term relationship. The episodes where we could see a strong connection between the Doctor and Rose were some of my favorite. I definitely understand how difficult it would be for the writers to incorporate this, but it would be interesting to see if they will try in future seasons!


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