Relating Doctor Who to real life (or at least things that exist)

While I was watching an episode of Doctor Who one day, I thought about some of the objects used in the Doctor Who series and if any of them actually exist. So I decided to research it and what do you know, there are objects used in Doctor Who that actually exist. Some are pretty obvious while others are sort of a shock. All in all, each one is pretty cool!

The first one I would like to talk about it 3D glasses. This one is pretty obvious that they already exist. On the website where I found this information the caption actually says “Sorry Doctor we’ve already got 3D glasses”. You can find David Tennant wearing these glasses in some of his episodes.

The second one I would like to talk about is regeneration. Now most people think that regeneration doesn’t exist. Well that is partially true. Regeneration like the Doctor’s does not exist but other kinds of regeneration do. For example, when someone breaks a bone or has scar tissue it eventually heals. It’s the body’s way of regenerating. When a person gets stiches, it’s to help the skin to heal and close up. This is an example of a shocking conclusion. I never thought about it like this until I saw the article. Pretty cool, right?

The most shocking one I have looked at so far is the sonic screwdriver. Yes, you heard me right. Scientists at the University of Dundee have developed a device that can perform medical procedures without even touching the patient. I have no idea how they do it! Medical procedures without touching a patient doesn’t seem possible, but apparently it is being done! It’s crazy how far technology has come!


You can find more information, including more objects from Doctor Who that actually exist, by clicking the link below!

‘Doctor Who’ Science Fact: Five Whovian Things That Exist In Real Life


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