Dr. Her Part 2

Last time I discussed the portrayal of women in the television show Doctor Who in the episodes we have seen so far. Through this analysis, I would like to pose the question of whether a female doctor has its place in the future of Doctor Who. The main concerns here deal with the already established expectations of what a doctor must bring to the show. It may be unfair, but if and when there is a female doctor, the critical lenses of all viewers will be fixed on the female’s demeanor. In this theoretical scenario, the producers must find a woman actor who can deliver much of what is expected out of a doctor while spinning in some individuality. Certainly with every change there is opportunity, so another side question becomes, what advantages are there to having a female doctor?

Though uniqueness is desired in every doctor, some characteristics must remain the same even if a woman were to be the doctor. The trademark of every doctor is superior intelligence and a female doctor would be no different. Dr. Who is unique in the fact that problems are solved with intelligence rather than force, and it would be counter-productive to create a female doctor who did not fit the intelligence mold. Another quality that must be maintained would be the strong presence held by the doctor. This does not imply masculinity, but it does mean that a strong-willed woman would be a good idea. So far, the show has shown both strong and weak women, but on top of will is the authority that a doctor figure holds. The viewers must be able to believe that this hypothetical woman can lead and guide those around her.

So far, all these concerns sound like a hassle for producers to deal with, but one must also think of the positives that a woman can bring to the show. Women naturally have different experiences than men and these different perspectives could open up a new range of possible storylines.

After viewing the season 2 episodes, I wonder what might happen if a future female doctor would run into an old female companion who had some kind of romantic interest in the doctor. Hopefully, the producers would come up with an interesting plot to explain all the little questions like this people would have. If nothing else, a female doctor would create an immediate spike in viewership if times were to get tough in the future.


One thought on “Dr. Her Part 2”

  1. I have been thinking about how they are going to keep the show going after the Doctor has been through all it’s allotted regeneration, and my favorite option is that he will have a daughter and she will become the Doctor in the show. Some flaws would obviously be that she is actually the Doctor’s daughter, but I do believe no matter what, that there will be a big potential for a female doctor in the series at some point. If the Doctor became a girl, they would have to work extra hard to show that she is intelligent and witty because girls are not normally described as that. Your ideas of issues the producers and the female doctor will have to go through are highly valid.


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