Fan Video


Though this video doesn’t have direct clips from Doctor Who, it still is a fan created video. This video is done by a group called the Hillywood Show lead by Hannah and Hilly, who play the Doctor and Donna. (Yes, the Doctor in this video is played by a woman!) It’s quite amusing to watch the behind the scenes to hear the actors speak in their normal voice in the costumes. The video takes a song I believe from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and applies it to Doctor Who showing three of his companions (Rose, Martha, and Donna).


One thought on “Fan Video”

  1. Yes, the “Time Warp” is the most well-known song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In a way, this is filk. It uses the chorus from the song but rewrites the stanzas to fit Doctor Who. Love the background characters and the reenactment of key scenes. And the homage at the end to the video diaries that the New Who Doctors did (they are on some of the DVDs).


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