The Empty Child

After watching the first season of the The New Doctor Who, I can see that the episodes are more related with life situations. However, the one episode that called most of my attention was the “The Empty Child”. In this episode my first impression was a lost kid looking for his mother with a little suspense. Personally, it took me a while to realize that Nancy was the mother instead of the sister. Another point that I founded important was the love and caring that Nancy had for the other children which can be related with what happened to Jamie (the boy with mask).

This episode was focused on the situation that London faced during the World War II, and the mask that the people used to wear because of the toxic gases. The image of Nancy taking care and feeding the kids also shows how in that time there were a lot of children without families, food and home.

The part of the episode that relates more with the Doctor is the fact that the nanogenes are the cause of the “mask problem” which give the episode a little of evolution and fantasy (if we can call it like that), also the part when Rose is rescue by Captain Jack, which showed a little romance between them too.

I think that BBC with this episode wanted to show the audience a little bit of what people lived during World War II, the problems that they faced during and after the war.


One thought on “The Empty Child”

  1. I like your post! I personally enjoy it more when they go to the past instead of the future. I think it is so interesting to see what life was like back then. I agree that Nancy was taking care of all the kids because she felt bad about losing Jamie. I’m really glad this episode had a happy ending because it could have very easily ended badly.


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