Why the green death was important.

In the series the green death their was a power company called Global Chemical  trying to make a cheep fuel source to make a profit and didn’t care what happend to the environment. During the episode their was a by product that came from them making the new fuel source that they just put down the mine and made the miners sick and die. Then the green goo turn maggots into giant maggots that killed people and eventually the doctor saved the day as he usually does.

I thought that this series was important because at the time, this show was made for younger kids and it showed that big corporations can be evil and that everyone isn’t nice. Like when Global Chemical didn’t want any more people to go down in the mine because they didn’t want people to find out that they were just duping hazardous chemicals down in the mine and  harming some of the miners.

Another reason why the green death was an important episode was that it tough kids that they need to take care of the environment or else bad things might happen like giant flesh eating maggots might come out of the ground. In this episode they sough the professor  that was trying to save the planet and make a new protein source out of mushrooms. I think that, that episode taught kids that they could have a job one days trying to prevent pollution to maybe save the planet one day.

I thought this episode was important because it taught kids vital information that they might have to save the environment one day and that everybody isn’t always nice.


One thought on “Why the green death was important.”

  1. I agree that this serial is important, but I also found it sad that the creators had to use the Earth in peril plot again. The environmental impacts were sort of shoved under the rug when the real cause of the mess turned out to be an evil computer, which took something away from the message.


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