The Love Doctor

As I start to learn more about Rose and River Song through episodes and in class, I am becoming more interested in the Doctor’s romantic side. I am the type of person who watches and action movie and only enjoys it if there is some kind of love interest or budding relationship. I believe that is why the Doctor Who episodes we are watching now appeal to me more than the Classic Doctor Who episodes. While there was a little bit of romance in the Classic Who episodes we watched, such as in the Green Death with Jo and Professor Jones, the more modern episodes seem to embrace the idea of relationships, especially for the Doctor, much more. It is true that the Doctor always cares deeply for his companions, but his relationship with Rose is much more. From the episodes we have watched so far along with articles I have read or spoilers I have seen, it is clear that Rose becomes more than just a companion. While I am not an expert on anything Doctor Who, I think the show needed something to keep viewers intrigued and on their toes, so a love interest for the Doctor did just that. Doctor-Who-Tenth-Doctor-Rose-Tyler-600x300


2 thoughts on “The Love Doctor”

  1. The love interests in this show are interesting and add a flavor to the show that was never really there before. Not all of the companions have a strong romantic relations with the Doctor, but there is always a hint of attraction between him and his feminine companions. As the series goes on, you will see this as more apparent.


  2. I will agree that the increase in romance with the Doctor especially was a large part of the reboot and the increase in popularity. Call it Americanization or not, I think people just innately love a romantic, heart-throbbing Doctor. I know I do even though I wouldn’t necessarily identify myself as a fan of purely romantic shows.


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