Too Many Good Options

As I tried to find the perfect video to choose, I stumbled across two videos that were hard to choose between, so here are both of them.  I enjoyed the hall of fame video because it was great how many times they got the show to match up with the lyrics.  It involves many great scenes from David Tennant and Matt Smith’s time on the show.  This video also includes the different companions in the show.  I enjoyed the Tik Tok video because it found perfect moments from the show that were relative to the lyrics and Kesha’s songs are party oriented requiring action packed moments on the show.  If how clever this video is doesn’t make you smile, I am unsure of what could potentially make you smile.

PS. My favorite moment in the Tik Tok video is the lining up of the Daleks and Matt Smith kicking one in the next scene.

Enjoy all!



One thought on “Too Many Good Options”

  1. Tik Tok was absolutely fantastic. Normally I’m not a big fan of these types of fan videos, however the fact that Matt Smith had so many moments in Doctor who that fell in line so perfectly with Tik Tok made it quite humorous.


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