The Mistreatment of Mickey

I think a big part of the Doctor’s personality is that he always tries to do the right thing. They try to portray the Doctor as a person of good character. So why does he treat Mickey so badly? The Doctor commonly refers to Mickey as an idiot or pretends to forget his name and calls him Ricky.

In my opinion, Mickey does nothing to deserve this treatment. He is very kind to Rose, even though she never sticks up for him and leaves him behind over and over again. Mickey has also helped Rose and the Doctor many times. He always uses whatever he can, like his knowledge of computers and his vehicle, to help them out, but they never seem to appreciate him.

Some people might think that the Doctor is jealous of Mickey’s relationship with Rose. I find that really hard to believe because Rose clearly likes the Doctor better than Mickey, so the Doctor has no reason to be jealous. It makes me dislike the Doctor when he treats Mickey like this. The Doctor acts like it is one big joke, but it clearly hurts Mickey’s feelings. In the episode “School Reunion,” Mickey realizes that they treat him like K-9 when they make him wait by the car.



Based on the look on his face, I don’t think Mickey thinks it is funny. Why does the Doctor not value Mickey? Is the Doctor just a bully? I’m not sure what the answer is, but I do know that I am disappointed in the Doctor when he treats Mickey like this. I expect more from him.




4 thoughts on “The Mistreatment of Mickey”

  1. honestly, i agree with you. i don’t think Doctor is jealous of Mickey, but the other way ’round. i think Mickey is ignored a lot, even to the point that the Doctor once forgot about him. and i was really happy for him, when he said he would remain in the parallel universe as Rickey.


  2. I also agree. Mickey obviously cares deeply for Rose and has even helped save the world a few times. The Doctor doesn’t mistreat any of his other companions, so I never understood why Mickey was the exception.


  3. I also agree that Mickey was probably jealous of the Doctor, since he took Rose away. I honestly think the Doctor was just trying to seem like he’s better than Mickey. This is just one of those times where the Doctor seems to show his arrogance at 100%.


  4. It is very interesting how the male companions are treated on the show. Rory is not treated as badly as Mickey is, but he is definitely not shown as important as his wife, Amy. Even though men are generally seen as smarter than women, the only male that is always and significantly smart in the show is the Doctor. Giving the male companions a bit more credit would make the show slightly better for those male roles.


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