Early Claim for Favorite Doctor


Upon watching Classic Doctor Who I never understood how someone could come up with a favorite Doctor. The reboot allowed me to finally enjoy Doctor Who. Unfortunately, this lead me to get attached to the Ninth Doctor whose name is Christopher Eccleston. However, as I started season two it finally clicked to me that Christopher Eccleston could be my favorite Doctor.

When season two started I was used to Eccleston’s quirks, face, and overall acting. He is the Doctor that made me start to enjoy Doctor Who. I can give partial credit to Eccleston for changing the way I see Doctor Who, from homework to something I can actually sit down and enjoy. So, I would like to make the early claim and say Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor in the reboot of Doctor Who.

Many of you avid fans might have a problem with me making this claim, especially because I have not seen much of other Doctor’s. From what I have heard around class and through the Facebook page is that the most popular favorite Doctor is Matt Smith. I have no clue why he is people’s favorite Doctor but that is something for me to figure out in later seasons of Doctor Who. Not only for you avid fans but myself I will do my best to keep an open mind when watching future episodes. This will give other Doctor’s a chance to live up to the standards that Eccleston has set for me.

Some reasons I have for liking Christopher Eccleston over David Tennant is how Eccleston delivers his comedy, his dress and overall relationship with Rose. In my opinion Eccleston brought comedy to Doctor Who when it was non-existent in Classic Doctor Who. Yes, you can argue that David Tennant is funny as well, but personally I think his acting ability to deliver comedy is sub par to Christopher Eccleston. Another reason I like Eccleston over Tennant is I enjoy how Eccleston dresses. I feel like it fits the personality of someone who saves the world countless times. Tennant’s dress is more formal and therefore I feel like it would be hard to do his job. The dress of the Doctor’s helps portray their style. Each Doctor is going to have a different style and I feel that Eccleston’s laid back dress allowed me to connect with his laid back attitude that brought comedy and a romantic but fun relationship with Rose. Eccleston’s relationship with Rose is one that I enjoyed to watch and play out in the first season. I never knew what exactly what was going to happen between the two. There was obvious sexual tension between the two but since the Doctor lives forever he has to see his companions or lovers get old and die off while he is forced to live on. This has to be hard for the Doctor he does not want to get too attached but I like how Eccleston got attached to Rose. It is another reason that I started to enjoy watching Doctor Who.

So like I said before I will keep my mind open for runners of my favorite Doctor as we continue watching. However, I still stick with my early claim in saying that Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor.


Side note: Upon researching the names for the Doctor’s in the reboot of Doctor Who I found that all of the new Doctor’s have a height of six feet or above. Take that or leave that as you will but I found it interesting.


Finally, I will leave with these meme because it is of the limited amounts that actually make sense to me.



3 thoughts on “Early Claim for Favorite Doctor”

  1. As the series goes on, there is a process that I went through. I was acquainted to Eccleston, so when he was replaced I didn’t like Tennett. I became acquainted to Tennett, then he left making me not like Matt Smith. I then began to love Matt Smith. The quarks that these three bring to the series that the old who just didn’t quite meet makes the show immensely different. Eccelston is a great doctor to claim as your favorite!


  2. I agree with you. as i said in class, while i was watching DW episodes with my sister, she “thought” her favorite doctor was the Ninth Doctor, but then she started to enjoy Tennant’s adventurous character, and she changed her mind. but for me though, i still like the Ninth Doctor, mostly because of Rose.


  3. I enjoyed Eccelston as a Doctor as well. He was a younger version of doctor than I was use to seeing in the classic episodes, but he still kept the same formal personality. I was pretty disappointed to find out that he was only around for one season, and I was pretty skeptical of Tennant at first. However, Tennant’s humor has grown on me, and I am beginning to enjoy him as a Doctor too.


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