Mysteries of the TARDIS

This blog post will be a little different than the rest in that I will be asking more questions with my analysis. I’m hoping that you can help me analyze this further in the comments section because I would really appreciate your insight.

I have always wondered what happens to time inside the TARDIS, specifically in regards to the companions. The show indicates that the human companions live on a short timeline, which begs the question, Do they age inside the TARDIS? Does it somehow stop time and they stay the same age no matter how long they are in there? Or do the companions start aging again once the TARDIS reaches its destination and they are back in the regular time stream?

I wonder about these things because the Doctor laments often that he cannot travel with a human companion forever because they wither and die, but if time is irrelevant in the TARDIS, the humans would never age as long as they kept travelling in the TARDIS. It’s confusing, really, and the show never really explores these things. So, can you spend time in a time machine and not die? I like to think that the TARDIS suspends time, and as long as humans stay with the Doctor, they do not age at the normal rate. Obviously, the actors will age as they spend more time on the show, so it will not look like the TARDIS stops the aging process. I see this as a huge dilemma for the overarching plotline and the history of the TARDIS.

So, I think the companions stop aging inside the TARDIS. Do you? What is your interpretation of this hole in the story?


6 thoughts on “Mysteries of the TARDIS”

  1. Well, in my own perspective, i do not think the TARDIS stops time. however, i do think it has a different time, because, when Rose came back home from her first time-travel with the Doctor, and she realized she was gone for a whole year, while she had been thinking she was only gone for a few days/hours. so, i think the Companions age, but not as fast as when they are out of the TARDIS, and the time in the TARDIS may be slower(probably because they are travelling back in time a lot).


  2. My idea or more of a question is how you measure “time” in TARDIS. Are you thinking time spent traveling or time in the TARDIS? I think my question is relevant because if you say time in the TARDIS they don’t spend much time in the TARDIS anyways. So the amount they would actually age would be minimal at most. The companions only travel to places in the TARDIS, they do not spend a lot of time actually in the TARDIS. That is why I don’t think it would make much of difference in their aging process if it stopped their aging for the short amount of time they spend in the TARDIS. However, if you say time spent traveling WITH the TARDIS then I understand your argument more in regards to suspending aging.

    I like to think my thought process makes sense so if it does not I would like to blame it on the fact I know very little about Doctor Who. ;D


    1. “Time” could be either time spent in the TARDIS or time spent travelling. I think both are relevant here. If the companions spend a year or so in a different time and place, will they age? I realize they do not spend too much conventional time in the TARDIS itself, but the Doctor cannot be taking his companion to a new place every day without some hours in the TARDIS for things like sleeping and eating. Does that time count, or are they in stasis? I have no idea.


  3. Hmmm. . . you have to wonder what goes on BETWEEN episodes. Sometimes I think they reference travels they have taken that we have not seen. And one could imaginably spend quick a bit of ‘time’ exploring the TARDIS. I know several Classic Who episodes (and a few New Who ones) take place mainly on the TARDIS. My guess would be that the TARDIS insides are outside time, so no aging occurs. But I also think that the writers
    did not think that out.


  4. This would probably be another plot hole in the series! I would like to think, that they age at the same rate they are in the TARDIS. If Rose was only gone for a day in her viewpoint, I would say she ages a day.
    However, when she returns to “present day”, is she really in “present day” -or did they simply time travel to the wrong year? It isn’t the fact that an entire year passed before Rose came back home, but that the TARDIS simply took them to the wrong period in time. What exactly defines the present from the future? If they can go forever into the future, how is the current day occurring now?


  5. Interesting idea here. I also wondered what would happen if the companions are aging during travel for several years and then they return back to the time the companion came from… would the companion appear older even though they came back to the same time the companion left for time travel? I want to say they wouldn’t age, but my gut is telling the show would make up the Whovian science to prove the companions would still age.


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