Rose’s Departure

The first time that I watched the show, I was told a couple episodes early that Rose was going to die.  When it came time for the episode, I was still not prepared for my first companion to leave the show.  I honestly cried when her and the Doctor were separated, and the fact that the Doctor could not tell her he loved her before the space in time collapsed.  Rose was an influential and great companion for the Doctor and going through his transition.  The other companion that is around through a Doctor’s regeneration would be Clara.



How the producers decided that this was the way she should go out, I will never understand.  This companion brought to life that the companion could be of any class and still be clever and charming enough to travel with the Doctor.  After the close of this first companion of New Who, the next two companions are introduced in the following two episodes.  Even though this is a spoiler, there will be a chance when the Doctor sees her again, and it is the best closer that could ever have been given.




2 thoughts on “Rose’s Departure”

  1. I teared up when Rose and the Doctor were separated. I honestly loved both of them together in the series. It wasn’t just that I wanted them to end up together, but they just worked well as a team. I know there are fans who don’t like Rose, but I personally loved her as a companion.


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