Ever since I became fascinated with Doctor Who, I’ve always wondered where The Doctor came from. I know he is a Time Lord, and he belong(ed/s) to a planet of Time Lords, but I wanted to know the name of the Universe, and all about it. But then, in the episode of “The Runaway Bride”, DW mentioned that he was from Gallifrey, and I thought he was just being cheeky, because he has never said where he was from (this I later found, that DW has actually mentioned in the past, likely in the seasons of Classic Who). So, I began my research, and I found out that he really comes from a planet called Gallifrey, which is a planet in the Whoniverse. Also, going further into my research (to satisfy my curiosity), I found some really interesting things about planet Gallifrey. Therefore, I decided to narrow it down to a list of top five interesting things to know about planet Gallifrey, and they are:

  1. Gallifrey has an alternative name, “The Shining Worlds of the Seven Systems”. it is called that because if seen from Space, Gallifrey is a yellow-orange looking planet (so, it may look shiny/bright).
  2. Gallifrey trees have silver leaves, and when the Autumn wind blows through them, they create music-like sounds. They have two Suns, and when then second sun rises in the South, it would make the mountains shine. Also, by Daytime, the sky resembles a normal Earth-like blue sky, but my night it is a burnt-orange color.
  3. It has more than 24 seasons, but they all resemble the conditions and dryness of Earth’s Serengeti.
  4. The Gallifreyan language when written may seem compliated, but it is not really complicated. the language is written as circular/almost-circular shapes, which from my research, looks to be from the Gallifreyan Math.
  5. it could take hundreds of years for a Gallifreyan child to mature into and Adult. this is because their growth is slower than that of any species. the Gallifreyans have a normal lifespan of 300 years, but some actually leave to be 700 years or older. Furthermore, without their modern regeneration habit, a Gallifreyan would be confined to a wheelchair, most likely before their 200th year of age (or during the period after their 200th year).

Bonus FactGallifreyans can not “cross-breed” with Humans because for some reason it is biologically impossible (this could also be a reason why DW has not been in a relationship any of the women he seems “taken” with).

Like many fanatics of Scientific Fiction, who are fascinated by languages of their favorite show(s), there are a lot of people who would like to learn the Gallifreyan language. so, if you are interested in learning/knowing more about the language, there’s a site which could help you learn the Gallifreyan language.

and here are the sites which I found my information about Gallifrey:






3 thoughts on “Gallifrey”

  1. I never thought that there would be actual information to be found about the legendary home planet of the Time Lords. Whether or not the creators of Doctor Who created the back story of the planet or fans did, the information that they seem to come up with is interesting and is drawing the attention of Whovians. I think it would be interesting to learn who created these things about Gallifrey and if they are based on an actual planet in the solar system, or if they are just made up. I would love to hear trees making music!


  2. Very interesting post! I am surprised you were able to find so much about Gallifrey online. I remember the Doctor reminiscing about his home planet and the directors gave us a cutaway scene of his home planet and i remember being fascinated and curious about it, so thank you for doing the research! I am also interested in how this language you have described works.


  3. I wish we could’ve learned these kinds of things while watching some of the episodes now! Was a lot of the information relayed to the audience at some point in the show? If it wasn’t, did the BBC make it up to give the fans a little background on the Doctor?


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