Home is Where the Heart Is

Doctor Who Blog Post 3

Doctor Who, as a show, gives itself limitless possibilities of settings with the Tardis and a Time Lord as characters; however, the Doctor is constantly coming back to Britain. So, with every imaginable time and location in the universe as the writers’ disposal, some viewers must wonder why the doctor constantly finds himself back in Britain?

Firstly, I think anyone who doesn’t understand why this happens needs to be reminded that Doctor Who is a British show, and there is always going to be pressure on the producers to maintain the show’s British quality. Doctor Who is a show that lives off of a very loyal fan base; therefore, staying true to its roots, is always going to be a must.

Secondly, people need to realize whom the general public within the British setting in the show represents. THEM. The British people in the show are often used to reflect certain characteristics or values of the public in real life. So, making London the setting in a large percent of the episodes allows the writers to more directly critique and represent British society. Perhaps viewers will be less bored (if that’s even a problem) with episodes in London if they realize they are looking at themselves in these episodes.

I know personally, I find myself more intrigued with the episodes staged outside of London and the modern era, but I, and everyone, should realize the necessity and importance of the Britain episodes and how they make the show what it is.


5 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart Is”

  1. You have brought up an interesting point. When I think about some of the episodes I enjoyed more than others, they were the ones based somewhere on Earth. For some reason, I have a hard time connecting with episodes based off a different planet, or in space. As someone who doesn’t watch a lot of science fiction, I think that it is hard for me to enjoy episodes like that.


  2. I personally like the episodes that take place in London. I think it is really interesting to see the companions interact with their families and get a chance to be somewhere that is familiar to them.

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  3. I never complain on where an episode is set in Doctor Who, because personally I don’t mind! I think it would be interesting to have an episode set somewhere else, if it be somewhere in America or even pyramids in Africa. Now that I think about it, it would be amusing to see the Doctor in Chicago.


  4. You can tell there is sort of a common theme of alternating episodes. One in London and then in some futuristic or past time. Personally I would like to see the Doctor in some non-English speaking country and see how that would work.


  5. I have noticed this trend, as well. I wish they would spend more time outside of London. I can almost always tell when the episode is going to be based there. Normally, the Doctor brings the companion back home, plans to leave, then realizes there is something wrong and stays to “save the day”. It would be nice if maybe the Doctor had a companion who wasn’t from London, just to switch it up a bit!


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