The Real Love Story



Just so everyone knows, this post is all spoilers and contains a couple episodes during Matt Smith. I am doing this post due to everyone’s interest in the romantic tensions between the Doctor and his companions along with the fact that I am watching this episode at home. During the Pandorica Opens, Rory comes to their aid as a Roman centurion. During the episode, 102 A.D., they locate the Pandorica Box at Stonehenge. The Pandorica is imagined to hold the most feared being in the whole universe. The Pandorica is actually a trap for the Doctor by an alliance of his greatest enemies to save themselves from the cracks in time. Rory was erased from time after being consumed by one of the cracks. Rory remembers everything about Amy, but she can’t remember a thing about him. While speaking to Rory, Amy begins crying due to her memories remembering Rory, but she consciously still doesn’t realize why. As Rory is beginning to be called, Amy remembers everything about him and helps him not be manipulated.
River Song gets in the TARDIS, and it takes her to June 26, 2010, which is the day identified by the Doctor as the onset of the time energy explosion that caused the time cracks. While she is there, she discovers that the situation that the Doctor is in is part of Amy’s memories of her favorite books as a child. The Doctor warns River to leave, but she is stuck in the TARDIS as it goes into a critical state.
The Doctor discovers that the centurions are Autons, which are life-sized dummies, and the he is captured as his foes in space that are orbiting materialize around him. His captors reveal that they have formed an alliance to imprison him in the Pandorica. As the Doctor is being captured, Rory shoots Amy, and she dies. As the Doctor is sealed into the Pandorica, explosions surround the Earth.

But back to the love side of this, as Rory is holding the dead Amy, the Doctor materializes and hands Rory his sonic screwdriver and tells him how to open the Pandorica. Rory frees the Doctor and they place Amy’s body inside. After this the Doctor jumps ahead in time leaving Rory with the Pandorica. Rory vows to guard the Pandorica, which he does for 1,894 years. Younger Amy Pond, is summoned to the Pandorica by the Doctor where her older self is brought out of the box by the touch of her younger self.

Rory waited 1,894 years to be with Amy again, following her and the Pandorica through time on Earth. Truly staying by her side for almost 2,000 years is a better love story than that of the Doctor and say Rose. The Man Who Waited is a story of dedication and love.



2 thoughts on “The Real Love Story”

  1. Amen to that! Rory and Amy are absolutely adorable, and the fact that she was crying without truly understanding why she was crying is heartbreaking. Definitely my favorite Doctor and my favorite companions!

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  2. Amy is totally my favorite companion! This episode was really emotional. I’m not ashamed to admit that I did cry too! What a fantastic story line!

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