Behind the Scenes

One thing I like to do with my favorite TV shows is watch blooper, gag reel, or behind the scenes videos. I enjoy getting an idea of the actors real personalties. The characters we see in Doctor Who are pretty serious most of the time, so fans may assume they are like this off camera as well. Chances are, however, the actors are extremely different from their characters. For example, David Tennant, as everyone knows, is not actually British. He’s Scottish. Therefore, on the show, he must change his accent to match the other characters. In behind the scenes videos, it is interesting to hear him speaking in his Scottish accent as opposed to what we are used to hearing on the show. Tennant is also much goofier off camera than he is in the show.

As example of this, I found a video of some the bloopers from season 2-4 of New Who. I know we have not gotten to season 4, but there doesn’t seem to be any spoilers! In this video, you can see that Tennant struggles to keep it together sometimes, and his goofy personality comes out a lot. At one point, he even says, “I’m such a child.” It’s fun to see how quickly he can go from being the Doctor, to giggling and crawling around on set. It is no wonder fans love him! You can also see the other actors have their awkward and silly moments as well. For such a serious, action-packed show, it is neat to see all the fun the cast has behind the scenes.


It’s also interesting to see how the show is made. Obviously Doctor Who requires a lot of special effects, props, costumes, and action. How do they do it? Another video I found takes us behind the scenes of the show. In the video we see actors practicing for fight scenes, shooting scenes in the freezing cold and getting some crazy makeup put on. It is clear that a lot of work goes into the making of Doctor Who, but the cast still manages to enjoy themselves.

(there are a few clips that are repeated from the previous video)



3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes”

  1. I also enjoy looking for bloopers! However, I usually look for them from movies. Bloopers from serious dramatic movies or comedies are my favorite to find!


  2. Thank you for posting this! I absolutely love watching bloopers! I think it’s great that you can hear David’s real accent! I think my favorite part of these bloopers is when David burps and says “I’m such a child”.


  3. I really the videos. it’s really nice to know that David Tennant is not at all different from his on-screen character. i really like the fact that he’s cool, and that he gets along with the cast and crew of DW. Also, the bloopers are pretty funny. Nice post!


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