Adjusting to Martha

           As much as I had hoped that the Tenth Doctor and Rose would end up together, I knew it was not going to happen.  I have to admit, the episode “Doomsday” did make me a little sad.  After talking in class, there were plenty of spoilers and I had read what would happen, but it still came as a shock. I was not ready for Rose to leave. I was one of those fans who wanted Rose and Tennant together.

        I prepared myself to get to know Martha, and having heard so many good things about her, I was excited.  Martha’s character is very smart. Not only is she studying to become a doctor, but through the first few episodes I have seen, she catches on quickly to what is happening. Even when the Doctor does not tell her what to do, she can figure it out.  For example, in “Evolution of the Daleks” episode, the Doctor sacrifices himself to save all of the people from the Daleks. He leaves Martha to figure out how to help him by herself, and has little problem doing so.

            As I am getting to know Martha, I do enjoy her as a character.  However, there is one thing I have noticed through season 3 that bothers me.  The amount of references to Rose and the way Martha feels as a “rebound,” is getting irritating. I know Rose was very close to the Doctor, but I do not like how it affects Martha.  As such a smart and clever character, watching her feel as though she is just a “Rose replacement” is frustrating.  She seems desperate to connect with the Doctor and wants to feel just as important to him as Rose was.  I have never seen companions change before, but I did not expect it to occur like this. I hope the Doctor and Martha become close soon, and her confidence is boosted. Once she learns her part in the Doctor’s life, I think it will be easier for them to connect.


7 thoughts on “Adjusting to Martha”

  1. After what happened between the Doctor and Rose, I understand why he references Rose so much. The way he does this kind of shows a human side to him, at least I believe so. This is something you would see in humans. What do you think?


  2. I think Martha feels self-conscious because the Doctor keeps comparing her to Rose, and she feels like she doesn’t measure up. As we saw in “The Shakespeare Code” the Doctor says he wishes Rose were there because she always knew the perfect thing to say. This makes Martha feel useless. I also think she feels this way because the Doctor is the only person she has to turn to when she travels through time and space and she thinks that he should be focused on her.

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    1. I thought about this blog post when that exact reference came up in class when we watched that episode.

      On the comment of companions, they change a lot. Fortunately they are normally here long enough to understand the character and to love the character. Once I feel like I know a character well enough, I can usually predict a change in companions soon. Luckily I am fairly accepting and open to new companions, so it normally isn’t a huge problem for me to adjust!


    2. It is hard to say the she feels useless because she still saves the day just like Rose did. This might not be the best analogy, but I’ll go for it. My thinking is it is kind of like when your family gets a new dog after replacing the old one. The dog is all cute and a puppy but since we got to grow up with our old dog there is no way it is ever going to live up to what the old dog meant to us. Just how new companions will have a hard time living up to a companion that has made so many people love the show.


  3. I feel the same as you, and I also agree with Lindsay when she said that it is part of being human. However, it is really hard sometimes that the Doctor does not think on Martha when he comes out with some “Rose saying, story or characteristic”.


  4. surprisingly for me, i got used to Martha quickly. i mean i missed Rose, but Martha seemed genuine and i like her “attitude”. it’s sad to know she thought of herself as Rose’s replacement. i think this was because the Doctor was always talking about Rose, and referring things to what “Rose would do”.


  5. I definitely felt the same way when I realized Rose would not be the Doctor’s companion forever. I thought they made a great team! However, I do like Martha! I like that she wants to challenge the Doctor and is able to help him more tun other companions because of her intelligence. I do agree that it begins to get a little annoying when Martha is constantly comparing herself to Rose.


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