So as we have learned there are a lot of things that drive the fan base of Doctor Who. These things include fan vids, artwork, memes, fan-fiction, and believe it or not even games. Over break I decided to download “Doctor Who: Legacy”. This is an app you can download on your phone. It is on Android and Apple platforms. Essentially you get to play real episodes of Doctor Who as a team against the enemies in the episodes. The team you pick is a Doctor and any ally of the Doctor, which includes companions and anyone that has helped the Doctor. However, you have to unlock companions and other allies as you go on.

The game starts off with a tutorial where you are Peter Capaldi with one companion. It took me through one battle then explained what was capable within the game. It is pretty cool that it is able to follow plot lines from episodes. I am assuming since the BBC is a part publisher they can do this.

The battles that take place between the team you pick and the enemy. It consists of moving gems in any order you want in order to get three gems in a row. It is kind of like Candy Crush in the idea of moving things to get them in order to score points. In this game when you get the gems in order your team then attacks the enemy. The battles are turn based so when you attempt to put gems in order whether you fail or are successful then the enemy has a chance to attack. The team that runs out of a hit points first losses. Generally there are multiple waves. The first wave usually has three enemies, second has two, and the last has one. First wave starts off as being the easiest and the final wave is the hardest.

I have no played the game all that much so this is my basic understanding of the game. If any of you decide to download the game, let me know what you think!

If you are a big fan Doctor Who and have some time to kill I would recommend this if you are trying to waste some time or are bored.



5 thoughts on “Legacy”

  1. I may have to check this game out. Since I quit Clash, I have been trying to find something to pass the time! It is only fitting that the series also has a game. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were plenty of other games related to the show too!


  2. This seems like a pretty cool game! I wonder if there is a way that you could choose to be a different Doctor. I like Capaldi but he isn’t my favorite. I think it would be awesome to play as Tennant or Smith. Thanks for the game recommendation!


  3. I agree! If there was an option for a different Doctor I would be more interested. I’m curious to see what else is out there for Doctor Who games. I’m sure there is all different kinds!


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