The fanfare behind the Daleks.

The Daleks were conceived by science fiction writer Terry Nation and first appeared in  1963 Doctor Who “The Daleks” . Ever sense then people have been abscessed  with them. The first Daleks did’t look to imprecise with a plunger for an arm they just looked like big clumsy robot’s that at first seemed stupid to me. But once I released that their were aliens in side the robots and controlled them so they were just like little tanks.

Their is a big fan following behind the Darleks. Their are specific fan club that just follow and talk about the Daleks and their is even a guy from the U.K named Rob Hull who is in the Guinness world records book for the biggest collection of Daleks with over 1,200 Daleks.


I personally think that the Daleks are cool and are a good enemy for the doctor because at first they don’t look like something that is threatening but once you relive what they are capable of they become a frightening foe.


4 thoughts on “The fanfare behind the Daleks.”

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of Daleks. I think the Daleks are an interesting enemy and I agree that they have come very far way since the beginning.


  2. They have come a long way not only in looks but how they act and what they are about. Obviously the “exterminate” has not changed but their development has grown. I might be able to use some of this for my final project!


  3. I think it is interesting how things have changed for the daleks as the episodes have gone on. It is also great how much Dalek fever there is and what appeals to viewers about the species. I am glad that other people are realizing how much influence they have on the series.


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