Putting the Pieces Together

One part of Doctor Who that is still frustrating to me is that the writers continually leave information out about the Doctor’s past. I like to think that it’s because there is a huge secret waiting to be revealed. I’m starting to think that I’m right. At the end the episode Gridlock, the face of Boe tells the Doctor that he is not alone. Of course, it would be logical to think that he was referring to Martha, but I believe there is a deeper meaning to it. I think that the Face of Boe is telling the Doctor that he is not the last Time Lord.

The Doctor repeatedly mentions how he is the last of the Time Lords, but never describes how he knows this. For example, he will say that there was a great war and that it wiped out his whole planet. What the Doctor doesn’t mention is what exactly happened that wiped them all out. Why was the Doctor the only person who survived? Why didn’t the Doctor die with the rest of his people? I have a couple of ideas.

My first idea is that the Doctor lost his memory. There very well could have an explosion of some sort that made the Doctor pass out and forget. Someone could have potentially put him in his TARDIS and sent him away with him thinking that his world was gone. Does he ever try to go back to his home? Maybe someone who has watched the show for longer can help me out with this.

My second idea is that during the war, people escaped in there own time machines and have since then been living on a new planet that the Doctor doesn’t know about. It could be that they were trying to get away from the Doctor. Maybe the Doctor isn’t so good after all. If this statement is true, it would make sense why the Daleks tell the him, “We are the same.”

I may be far off with my assumptions, which wouldn’t surprise me. However, I’m still excited to see how the story plays out. Hopefully something big will be revealed soon!


7 thoughts on “Putting the Pieces Together”

  1. One thing that is continuously frustrating on the show is the plot gaps that are presented. Some of the gaps you are considering will be resolved on the show, but others won’t be. These are the things that drive me nuts about the show. All I desire to know is what happens during these gaps. As the series goes on there will continue to be more plot gaps that are just as irritating as the last. Some of the plot gaps will be resolved and some will never have a solution. It is good to keep ideas in mind of what should fill those plot gaps. I commend you for thinking critically of them!


  2. Very interesting reading about this! I’m a bit hesitant to reply too much on your topic, considering the fact that I’ve watched up to the current Doctor. Some of these gaps that you’ve mentioned I’ve actually seen the resolution to! I also believe that some of these gaps are created through the switching of directors and the new directors not picking up on some plots.


  3. I definitely felt the same way when I first watched the show! All I can say is keep watching! It gets better, I promise!


  4. There are so many things I still do not know about time lords and the Doctor’s past! I am sure if I keep watching I will find out, but I’m not sure I am patient enough for that… The fact that I am now in season four and I still feel like I have no idea where the Doctor came from is frustrating. I would like to think that by now, I would understand him better.


  5. I’m happy to hear that it gets better! However, I agree with Annie, I’m not sure I have the patience for that! The writers of Doctor who sure like to stretch things out a bit, don’t they?


  6. I think that their has to be more time lords because the doctor thought that all the daleks were dead and their turned out to be a lot more.


  7. Honestly, I’ve always thought that he lost his memory. Also, even though the Doctor says he’s the last of the Time Lords, i believe there are still some out there, and those ones are the ones that escaped (just like The Master).


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