Bye Bye Number Nine

Christopher Eccleston, the ninth Doctor, has never been my favorite Doctor. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t mind skipping the first season of the rebooted Doctor Who and head straight into watching David Tennant, who is definitely one of my favorites. However I’ve started to question why Christopher Eccleston was only the Doctor for a single season. I’ve heard many rumors, but decided to do some research myself on the topic.

I found an article written by Stephen Kelly, a writer of The Guardian, which focuses on the mystery of why Eccleston left after only one season. According to Kelly, Eccleston resigned from Doctor Who after not being able to see “eye to eye” with the cast and crew. Later on in the article, Stephen Kelly mentioned that Eccleston left hints that there might be more to why he left Doctor Who than what he said in his interview.

For the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, multiple Doctors appeared in the episode, including Matt Smith and David Tennant. However, Christopher Eccleston decided to not return for the 50th anniversary. Was stepping on the set of Doctor Who truly bad enough that Eccleston didn’t want to risk a single episode there again?

After looking at a few more sources, I can say that all of the articles I looked at on this topic have come the same conclusion and are referencing the same interview. Perhaps if Christopher Eccleston stayed another season I might have grown fond of him. Either way, I’m happy with the research I’ve found and I’m thrilled with the outcome of David Tennant.

<Click Here for Stephen Kelly’s Article>


8 thoughts on “Bye Bye Number Nine”

  1. I thought your post was interesting. I did think it was odd that Eccleston only stayed for one season. I never really thought about the reason why. It seems like he was making a statement when he decided not to come back for the 50th anniversary.

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  2. I liked Eccleston as a Doctor. I know a lot of people were not too fond of him, but for some reason I felt he played the part well in my eyes. I wish he would’ve stayed a bit longer. With the reboot of the series, I think it would’ve been nice to have some stability into the second and third season. When we are introduced to a new doctor in season 2 and new companion in season 3, it is hard to keep up.


  3. I also thought it was odd that he only stayed for one season. Even though he is not my favorite Doctor, I do admit that he had some pretty good moments in the episodes. I’m not sure if he were to be included in the 50th anniversary episode if I would like it as much as I do now. I’m glad that Tennant and Smith returned.

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  4. I was actually very happy that he was only with the show for a single season. When I first watched Doctor Who he was one of the reasons I stopped watching. He is not an overly exciting, funny, or endearing character to watch. I love the research you did trying to understand why he only stayed on for one season. Do you know if he was invited to appear on the 50th Anniversary? I can imagine he was but maybe he was just disliked by the producers of the show and didn’t even garner that respect.


    1. He was asked on if he wanted to return for the 50th anniversary and denied returning. I agree with Kierra on the fact that I think he might be trying to make a statement about not returning, however I’m not sure who the statement is to. Could be BBC, the cast and crew of Doctor Who, or even the audience.


  5. I really like the 9th Doctor. I feel like he really resembled the mysterious and dark past of the Doctor that often gets forgotten. When watching season one, I always felt like there was something that he was trying to overcome. Also, I enjoyed the fact the Rose was like a “breath of fresh air” for the Doctor. You could really tell that she got him to lighten up and enjoy life more, which was fun to see.


  6. I’ve always thought why he did not stay long, and why some fans may not like him. It’s disappointing to know that the 9th Doctor did not really get along with the crews and cast of DW. i really liked his character, more so, because i liked the connection he had with Rose.


  7. I wasn’t a big fan of the 9th Doctor, but it did seem strange he only stayed on the show for one season. Compared to Tennant and Smith, his personality was just less fun and outgoing. I was actually wondering why he left the show so early, so I’m glad you found some information on that. It is an unfortunate situation, but I do think they upgraded with Tennant!


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