Greatest Songs of Doctor Who

Within Doctor Who, there are a lot of different songs. Each song portrays a certain action or feeling. What I would like to talk about some of the greatest songs in Doctor Who. The songs I am about to talk about are some of the more well- known songs from the show, most of which are from Doctor Who: Proms.

The first song I would like to talk about it is “The Doctor Who Theme Song”. This song is very well-known because it opens each episode. There was actually a change to the theme song to make it fit more with the changes that had been made in the show during the reboot. This piece has received many achievements and has set the tone for other theme songs. This piece is also the single most popular and recognizable song to come out of the proto-synthpop era (from article linked below).

The next song I would like to talk about is “I Am the Doctor”. This song is in one of Matt Smith’s (11th Doctor) episodes. This song is my personal favorite because it adds part of the episode into the actual song (see video). This song usually occurs when all hope is lost and the Doctor comes up with a plan to “save the day”.

The third song I would like to talk about is “This is Gallifrey/Vale Decem”. The beginning of the piece sounds epic and full of action but later on becomes more emotion filled. This piece can bring people to tears when they hear it or associate it with the episodes (like in the video below). For me, this piece hits home when Tennant says “I don’t want to go”.

Another emotional song (contains spoilers) is a song called “Rest now”. In this song, the 11th Doctor talks about his memories saying “I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. I’ve lost things you will never understand”. This beautiful piece is definitely one of the most popular songs of Doctor Who.

The last song I would like to talk about is the song that is played when the Doctor and Rose are separated. The song “Doomsday”, is a fantastic piece that snags your attention as soon as you hear the first note along with the haunting melody line. This song is most known because of the Doctor and Rose scene.



Five Greatest Bits of ‘Doctor Who’ Music


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