Two Doctors meeting

Saw this on two different social media sites that got me thinking. Finally taking the hint that this was my next blog post.


These Doctors don’t have hardly anything in common, but when you really think about it they have a few things in common.They both are intended for kids. They also are made for a good laugh when reading or watching. They have different creatures in them but they both have the same kind of idea have made up creatures/monsters.



7 thoughts on “Two Doctors meeting”

  1. Interesting comparison between Dr. Seuss and the Doctor. I think it would be funny if they did a crossover episode where the Doctor can only speak in rhymes.


    1. Yes! Some sort of virus or something, and the companion has to interpret for him and make sure he doesn’t offend someone while they look for a cure?


  2. What I like about this fan fiction artistic work is the diversity in styles with regards to The Doctor (who was created by British writers) and the Cat in the Hat (who was created by an American author). On one hand the Doctor is this very quirky sophisticated individual that goes around saving the day in his TARDIS, and on the other hand you have a cat that creates chaos only to fix it at the very end. There are definitely some similarities between these 2 characters, but what sticks out to me is the how different cultures treat their children. I think we can all agree that even with classic who the plot lines are significantly more complex than the Cat in the Hat


  3. Comparing my childhood Doctor (Dr. Seuss) to the childhood Doctor of children in Britain is very cool. I’ve never thought of it!


  4. I agree with Emily, I’ve never thought to compare Dr. Seuss with Dr.Who. i agree with your post. they have some things in common. thinking of it now, when the Doctor says “wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff..” it reminds me of how Dr. Seuss makes funny lines/rhymes like that. Nice post!


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