Why the tardis should change.

One of the things that bothered me, as a new doctor who watcher was that the tradis didn’t look like a space ship and looked like a police box witch in the new who should stick out like a sore thumb because they don’t use police boxes any more. The reason it looked like a police box was so that the doctor could hide the tardis in plan site and not cause to much attention to him self.

I think that their should be an episode were the doctor changes what the tardis looks like so that it doesn’t stick out so much. I was thinking of things that he could change it to so that he could go back into time and into the future and still not stick out. some of the thing I came up with was make the tardis look like a tree and he could just land the tardis near other trees and have it blend in.  Another thing that I think that the doctor could do is make the tardis have the ability to change what it looks like so it can change its shape to blend in better to the time period.

I don’t think that the show will every change what the tardis looks like becuse it is one of the only things that the show has kept the same over the years and their would probaly a lot of out rage if the show changed what the tardis looked like.


6 thoughts on “Why the tardis should change.”

  1. I totally understand your point of view. sometimes, i think maybe the the Tardis should have a glamour, so people can see whatever they want to see. But, a police box is enough glamour for the Tardis, though. I don’t think they should change the way the Tardis is seen, mostly because it is a permanent part of DW.


  2. I think you bring up a really good point! While a spaceship would probably stand out about as much as a police box, I think it would be cool to see something new. Maybe it could be an iconic blue car. I also don’t think it will ever be changed, but it is something to think about!


  3. The blue police box is an icon for the show Doctor Who, and that is something that will be really hard to change. I can’t remember where in the show it is mentioned, but the Doctor says at some point that it stays a blue police box because the the cloaking device is broken. There are random things that they come up with during the show. There used to be a manual to the TARDIS, but Matt Smith says he threw it into a super nova because he did not agree with it. There will be a couple things always consistent is that the Doctor seems confused when piloting the TARDIS, it makes a weird noise when it lands, and that the exterior looks like a blue police box.


    1. Exactly what I was going to mention, Nicole. It was a police box because the device to transform it’s shape broke. It broke at some point when a time lord was traveling in a time where the police box was a normal thing. Though he could, in theory, eventually fix the device that cloaks the Tardis, it’s a very large symbol in the show. I find it extremely hard to believe that it will ever change. The Doctor will always be traveling in a little blue police box.


  4. This reminds me of my spring break trip when I saw a car driving along the bus was a tardies sticker. I had to do a double take because I didn’t believe what I had just saw. So what I am saying is that the Tardis is one of the biggest trademarks for Doctor Who.

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  5. I’m imagining an episode where the Doctor can’t remember where he parked because the TARDIS changed. That could make for an amusing special or something. Anyway, I think the show would have to write in an storyline where the TARDIS changes because fans would be upset if there was no reason or explanation.


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