March Madness Special


So as I hope all you know that March Madness is taking place as we speak. This is the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament that determines the national champion. It takes about two days for everyone’s predicted choices to go bust. No one has ever predicted a perfect bracket. You may ask yourself what does this have to do with Doctor Who. Great question. So in spirit of March Madness I decided to search for a bracket that broke down the Doctors, companions, or villains. I had no luck in this but what I did find was a podcast that broke down the top 64 episodes of Doctor Who.

Just like the tournament the episodes are given seeds. The seeding and breaking up of quadrants is done the same way as March Madness. They seeded the episodes based on the top 64 stories from the Doctor Who Magazine poll from June of 2014. So the top four episodes got 1 seeds and the last 4 got 16 seeds.

The group of five Doctor Who analysts who all have their own credentials in regards to Doctor Who took votes on what match-ups would move on to their next round. Their premise for what episodes advanced was the episode had the better story, moved on. Obviously each analyst is going to have some bias. However, what I did like in this podcast was they did not always agree with Doctor Who Magazine, which made it a lot more interesting. Upsets are what everyone dreams for. As people know there are always upsets in the men’s basketball tournament, which makes it more interesting just like this podcast.

The analysts had Power of the Daleks vs Inferno and War Games vs Day of the Doctor in the final four. Inferno and Day of the Doctor made it to the final or national championship if you will. Their unanimous decision for the winning episode was Doctor Who-Day of the Doctor. The podcast spent about 25 minutes discussing about the final. It was mind blowing to see the passion these people had to spend over 2 hours discussing their favorite episodes and analyzing them on such a high level. I hope you enjoyed me trying to connect Doctor Who to March Madness.

Here is the link to the podcast if you are interested: Doctor_Who_Bracket_Tournament_Special.mp3




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