Fan Art

The creative minds and abilities of fans never fail to amaze me. People are able to write an entire new plot for Doctor Who or make a video using specific clips from episodes that I would never be able to remember! However, what amazes me the most is the fan art. It is so interesting to see how people view the Doctor through paintings, comics, and sketches. Some people draw comics featuring their favorite characters as adorable cartoons.They even add their own twist. I thought this comic was really cute and I love how they compared regeneration to taking turns playing a video game.


Other fans mix Doctor Who characters with characters from other shows. In this drawing, the Doctor is portrayed as Lucy messing Charlie Brown, or in this case, a Dalek. Another very creative and cute piece of art!84873

The most impressive of all fan art, however, are the paintings. The color, detail, and accuracy is incredible. The artwork really shows how well fans know the characters and the show. You can almost see his personality come alive through the painting.


Fan art is something I will most likely never be very good at, but it is fun to look at what others have created. It is a creative way to express one’s live for the show through art.



3 thoughts on “Fan Art”

  1. I love looking at Doctor Who fan art! It is all over the internet and the talent that other fans have is amazing! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Just like the show there are so many different forms of fan art. They all have an inspiration that comes from the show. Each of these is a testament to just how special this show has become.


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