Doctor Who and Confusing Plots

While I watched “Utopia”, “The Sound of Drums”, and “Last of the Time Lords”, several things were going through my head. This series of episodes were very different, and I am not sure I liked them at all.  The plot line was somewhat confusing to me, and watching the Doctor become helpless was not what I expected.


I could follow the plot line through “Utopia”, but it was weird. Once I got into “The Sound of Drums”, and “Last of the Time Lords”, I had a hard time keeping up.  The little flying balls with people from the future inside who knew who Martha was messed with my head.  I couldn’t keep the present straight from the future. I had heard things about the Master, but I had not expected to meet him in these episodes. When I had first realized there could be another time lord in “Utopia” I was excited, until I found out he was not a good man.  The character of the Doctor had made me think that time lords were good people and meeting another time lord of the complete opposite changed my perception. If there could be a time lord as evil and crazy as the Master, how many others were like that?


I also did not enjoy watching the Doctor become old and helpless in this series. I know there were probably Doctor Who fans who liked the change in plot, but I did not. Seeing the Doctor being treated as a dog by the Master, and then become so shriveled and old and kept in a bird cage troubled me. Maybe this series of shows were just a little too different for me to understand or really enjoy. Thankfully Martha came to the rescue and the Doctor is back to normal! It was nice that the companion was able to save the day for a change, but what if the Doctor hadn’t had Martha?


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who and Confusing Plots”

  1. I believe I heard somewhere that the Master is insane/evil because he got, essentially “caught” inside the center of the Tardis or in time. Something along those lines. Seeing everything made him insane. At one point the Master was the Doctor’s childhood friend. I can’t confirm any of this, since I’m only going by memory!


  2. I also thought these were confusing and disturbing episodes. Even though the Doctor triumphs in the end, he and Martha go through so much torture to get there that I think the writers went a little overboard.


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