A Tale of Two Doctors



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At the beginning of the semester I was introduced to Doctor Who for the first time watching the Aztecs Where the Doctor and his companions went back into time and observed the culture of the Aztecs and found themselves in quite the adventure trying to escape while at the same time trying to change the culture. This shocked me because my only prior experience with Doctor Who was seeing the first episode of the reboot in which I saw this strange “man” saving Rose from her plastic boyfriend. In the Classic Who the Doctor traveled through time with his companions and found themselves on the other side of the world in Mexico having to deal with historical issues. The diversity of this show shocked me. By having the TARDIS any time in history became observable, and any location in the universe became accessible. This brings me to my comparison between the very first doctor of Classic Who and the first doctor of New Who. You have two completely different personality types between these individuals with the most obvious being their age. Hartwell is ancient at this time so he is seen as a very intelligent person who is incredibly wise. Eccleston is much younger and when you first meet him you know him to be a very smart person as well, however he is very different than the first doctor in how he interacts with others and how he thinks. It intrigues me that as time has passed for humanity the doctor’s personality becomes more accommodating to the interests of that time period, even though he has lived in hundreds of different times and interacted with hundreds of different species and doesn’t really mature in time the same way that humans do. My greatest question is this, “To what extent is the 1st doctor the same individual as the 9th doctor? Are common morals and beliefs kept each time he changes, or does he become an entirely new person when he changes


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  1. You have brought up an interesting question. When I think about it, every doctor seems very different. They may have the same vocabulary and “memories,” but their personalities seem to be very different. when I think about the ninth and tenth doctors, i felt Eccleston was very serious, where Tennant enjoyed to joke around. Both of these characters seemed very different, even though they were suppose to be the same person, which makes me wonder if more than just the Doctor’s appearance changes when he regenerates.


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