Martha vs. Finn


One of my favorite characters on Doctor Who is his companion Martha. In this class we have looked at diversity within the Doctor and Martha was a huge step in the right direction by choosing to case a black actress as an incredibly intelligent companion that contributed greatly to the plot line of the series. I think it made logical sense for her to be a great character in the series and the as an audience member I felt as though she really enriched the experience of watching the series. Recently the new Star Wars Movie the Force Awakens came out where the main characters were Ray and Finn, two kind of misfit characters that became entangled in a fight for the galaxy. Finn was a particularly interesting character to me because he was a black character who was a member of the storm trooper army, which in episodes 2 and 3 were revealed to be clones of one man. It bothered me that JJ Abrams chose to add a whole to the plot line just to make an effort to add diversity to the show. I think between these two characters you have a great example of how diversity should be incorporated into a series, and a bad example. It is important to stay close to the plot line whenever you are writing a script for a series that has been running for long periods of time, which is the case for both Star Wars and Doctor Who. These fan bases are usually very devoted and care deeply about the integrity of the plotline. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Finn for his cleaver lines and devotion to Ray, however I would rather have seen him enter the story in a manner besides saying he was a Stormtrooper, which made an elaborated backstory that ultimately doesn’t seem logical.


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One thought on “Martha vs. Finn”

  1. To be honest I didn’t have a problem with Fin being introduced the way he was, but that’s just my opinion. However, I do like the connection that you made between Martha and Fin and how each show brought new characters in from a different race!


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