The Perks of being the BOSS



In The Green Death episodes of Classic Who the audience is introduced to the BOSS. The BOSS is actually an acronym for Biomorphic Organizational Systems Supervisor. I found this plot line incredibly fascinating because the BOSS was a sentient being capable of making its own thoughts and decisions. Even for the relatively short amount of time that I have been alive I have seen an incredible technology boom. Cell phones are everywhere, the internet is an expectation, not a wonder, and we have the ability to have live face to face conversations with anyone on the planet in any country. This made me think if it is possible for humans to be able to create artificial intelligence, and if it were possible, is this something that humans would want? This was clearly portrayed in a negative light in Doctor Who because the BOSS is a villain who wants to enslave the human race with his mind control powers. It is also seen as a bad thing in the movie Space Odyssey 2001 where the HAL 9000 becomes self-aware and almost kills the crew. Why then are people actively trying to create artificial intelligence? What benefit does this have for humanity? Based on some crash course research on the subject the biggest reason seems to be that artificial intelligence is better than regular human intelligence because it is incapable or error and it is more efficient. Anyway you look at this it seems to me to be a big issue. I especially found it interesting that 40 years ago Doctor Who brought up an issue that could easily become a large issue for our generation


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One thought on “The Perks of being the BOSS”

  1. For me the obvious form of AI currently in my life would be Siri. Siri is on my iPhone and she can help me quickly search the web, check the weather, or even find me humor. As advances in the AI industry happen I think we will see some more interesting forms of AI that are meant to make our life easier but who knows if they actually will.


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