My Top 5 Favorite Doctor Who Memes

Since this is my last blog post, I thought I would have some fun.

One of the most universal forms of internet humor and fan culture is memes. As for any popular show, there is going to be memes making fun of the show or simply using an “inside joke” approach that only fans will understand. Not only are they funny, but with so many people online, they can spread quickly and become popular overnight.

For my entertainment (and hopefully yours, too), here are my top 5 Doctor Who memes:

#5: A summarized look at the Doctor


I found this meme to be funny because it’s entirely true. In the show, they make the Doctor seem so complex and mysterious, but in reality he’s just a heroic old guy who travels in a box with a screwdriver.

#4 Donna and the 9th Doctor 


This meme made me laugh instantly. How funny would it be to see these two together in an episode?  I feel like there would be a lot of yelling and confrontation. Both the 9th Doctor and Donna have such strong personalities that I’m pretty sure this match up would end in Donna leaving because she couldn’t handle him anymore.

#3 Toy Story Reference 


I thought this meme was cute. It could be because I’m a huge Disney fan, but regardless I think that the connection made is awesome. Also, the look on Woody’s face is so accurate.

#2 Okay, but really 


I understand that Doctor Who is a British show, but would it kill them to have more diversity in the cultural background of their characters? Even some of the aliens they meet have British accents, which is really odd if you think about it.

And a drumroll please… (thank you)

#1 My Doctor 


I hope you all find humor in this as much as I do. However, how unbelievably awesome would it be if Morgan Freeman was the Doctor? Racial diversity… check! Popularity around the world… check! A kick-ass actor that is full of himself… check! I really don’t see how this could get any better!




3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Doctor Who Memes”

  1. This literally made my night! Thanks for posting these! I have seen many memes about Doctor Who but I haven’t seen these! Adding some of these to my favorites list!


  2. These are all great! I always get a kick out of memes and you definitely found some good ones. I think number 2 was my favorite…I’ve never really thought about that before, but it’s very true.


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