Doctor Who Video Game?

Looking around on YouTube over break and discovered many things like many games they have made. I have watched a few games on the internet and I would consider playing a few games. The most recent have been made in 2010 and so on. The most popular video game of Doctor Who would have to be Lego Doctor Who. When they make a Lego game of the show it must be popular. Comparing the lego Star Wars, Avengers, Harry Potter, and Batman is a good way to compare how popular the show is. When coming across these video games it really hit me that Doctor Who is as big as it seem.

The Lego Doctor Who fallows the story of the season but with a little funny twist. The many different places that are exactly like the season and the companions fallow with the doctors.When also playing this game you can be all the Doctors, Companions, and also all the monster/aliens. Also, in this game are hidden secrets of they movies and also of other shows. For many year video games have had Doctor secrets in them and now I am just picking up on them.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Video Game?”

  1. I’m pretty sure that a lot of Doctor Who games are out there! I just recently saw a Doctor Who game for Xbox and PS3. Although this game does look interesting, I’m not really sure if I would play it.


  2. These video games must have a lot of levels. With so many episodes the story line would be endless. The game might even break some records for longest story line or even for the sake of this class the most diverse game. 😉


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