Give Smith A Chance

I was really upset when I found out about the negative fan reaction to the announcement of Matt Smith as the next Doctor. I haven’t seen any episodes with Smith as the Doctor yet, but I can’t imagine how anyone could judge him without seeing him in a single episode. Many fans said that they would stop watching the show when Matt Smith became the Doctor. It disappoints me that people could be so close-minded. It seems to me that fans of a show like Doctor Who should be used to the Doctor switching by now. It is a big part of the show. Even if fans are disappointed that the actor or actress they wanted didn’t get chosen, I still think they should trust the writers enough to know that they wouldn’t pick someone who would do a bad job. Even if people were upset, I don’t think they should have posted hateful comments online about the actor and his appearance. It reminds me of a saying that I think a lot of people need to hear.


I picked this picture because the cat seems to be from Great Britain. But it’s true! Posting hateful comments just makes you look bad. I couldn’t believe there was this much backlash over them picking an actor who is a white male. I am really hoping that in the future they pick a person of color, a woman, or *gasp* both as the Doctor. After people saw Matt Smith as the Doctor, they got used to him. I think that people could get used to a Doctor who looks different from all the others before. Here’s hoping for the Thirteenth Doctor.


3 thoughts on “Give Smith A Chance”

  1. I completely agree with you! I have been pleasantly surprised many times by actors or actresses that I wasn’t sure about. If the writers have cast so many great Doctors so far, fans shouldn’t be worried about them casting a bad one. I’m excited to watch some episodes with Smith!

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  2. When I first saw the Matt Smith episodes, I had no idea about the negative comments. I thought he portrayed the Doctor very well, and I liked the show well enough to continue watching no matter who the Doctor was. I think the fans that made the negative comments were more David Tennant fans than Doctor Who fans, but I agree that they should have given Smith a chance before they wrote him off as a failure.


  3. I have actually watched a couple of Matt Smith episodes, just for fun and for our class project. I thought he did a great job as the Doctor, so it’s sad to think people would be so negative toward him.


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