Animals and Doctor Who

After coming back from break where I was able to see my family, friends, and my pets, I got the idea to relate Doctor Who and animals. Even though coming back from break and being able to see my Wartburg friends again was great, I still miss home. So in order to cheer up and have a little bit of fun, I looked up some corgis watching Doctor Who.

I was able to find some interesting things, such as: a corgi dressing up as all 13 Doctors (which is pretty entertaining and cute), some pictures that relate corgis to doctors (not necessarily Doctor Who, but they are still pretty cute), along with other animals that look like characters from the show.

This image doesn’t relate to Doctor Who, but I thought it was cute. It can relate to Doctor Who if you go and watch an episode or two when you start to feel depressed. There’s always the option to chill out with your corgi buddy while you watch Doctor Who.


I was able to find a blog that has pictures of animals that look like characters from the show. The collection of pictures are pretty entertaining and I was able to have a good laugh! Here is the link to this collection of pictures:

All of the characters included in this blog are characters that we have seen in this class!

The corgi dressing up as all 13 Doctors is probably the greatest thing out of all the images and videos I watched. I like the way they chose to use little parts of the Doctor’s costume to make this video amazing. For example, when they used the fourth Doctor’s long scarf and the corgi leaves the shot but you can still see the scarf moving.

Overall I thought these were all really entertaining decided to share it with everyone! Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Animals and Doctor Who”

  1. I love corgis, so I thoroughly enjoy this post! The pets dressed as Doctor Who characters were so precious! Definitely the cutest post on this blog.


  2. This was a great idea for a blogpost! I love dogs, so I find myself spending a lot of time looking up puppies on Pinterest. Corgis are a pretty popular dog, but I wonder what other dogs that people dress up as characters from Doctor Who?


  3. I LOVE CORGIS! They are so cute and honestly this post made my day. Thank you for picking this topic. Very entertaining.


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