Doctor Who Merchandise

In class on yesterday, the topic of Doctor Who clothing, ornaments, and other fun items was brought up. I was curious what other types of Doctor Who merchandise one could buy, so I decided to do a little research. Naturally, I ended up on Pinterest. Knowing how creative Doctor Who fans are, I was not surprised by some of the out of the box items you can buy. One of these items being “bow tie cuff links”. One can also purchase blue Ugg boots with the TARDIS printed on them. There are even Dalek halloween costumes!


Along with these unique items, fans can also find more generic Doctor Who merchandise. There are countless different Doctor Who t-shirts with funny quotes; one of my favorites being “Get in loser, we’re going time traveling”. Painted converse are also very popular due to 10th Doctor’s shoe choice in the show. Other popular items may include cookie cutters, pillows, Christmas ornaments, and magnets.


Along with owning anything and everything Doctor Who, fans can also have a Doctor Who themed wedding! It is quite common, actually. The groom can rock a TARDIS tie while the bride has blue heels to match. There are also some very impressive Doctor Who wedding cakes!

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All of these items, collectables, and clothing allow Doctor Who fans to express themselves in so many ways. I may not be the biggest fan of the show yet, but I think I could pull off some TARDIS blue converse!


6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Merchandise”

  1. This is really cool. I mean it’s awesome that Dr. Who fans have this immense dedication to doing things like these…and I really like the Daleks suit, and the wedding cake. Nice blog!


  2. This made me think of a Dalek figurine that I saw over Christmas break. Unfortunately, these things our too expensive for my task. However, for avid fans some of these items are really cool!


  3. I’ve always been amazed at the amount of merchandise there is surrounding Doctor Who. The variety is absolutely astounding. I spent hours on Amazon picking out the perfect TARDIS poster for my dorm room this semester!


  4. After she said things about the weddings and other merchandise, I also spent a good amount of time looking. After looking at some generic ones on sites with normal merchandise, I ended up on Pintrest also. Some of the things that people buy that are Doctor Who themed amazed me and made me laugh while others were things I would actually consider purchasing myself. As a fan of Doctor Who, I have many Pop Figures along with some posters and jewelry. When people truly enjoy a show, they will go all out with their merchandise purchasing!


  5. After we talked about this in class, I also went on Pinterest. I looked up Doctor Who wedding related items because I couldn’t believe that people actually did that. It is crazy to think people actually use Doctor Who as a theme for their wedding! When I think about it, I find it unbelievable how many different things related to Doctor Who people can buy.


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