New to Who

As we are coming to end of the semester, I thought I would reflect on my feelings about Doctor Who now that I have seen so many episodes of the show. Before I took this class, I had never seen Doctor Who, so it was definitely all new to me. The Classic Doctor Who was a little difficult to enjoy at first. However, I did like the fist Doctor! I think the first episode I really like was “The Green Death”. There was a little bit of romance, which I love, and a bit more action.


I continued to enjoy most of the other Classic Doctor Who episodes, but I was very excited to start the newer episodes. I had a few friends who had told me about the newer seasons and about actors like Tennant and Smith. From their descriptions, it sounded like the show gained a lot more romance and action! They were definitely right. The 9th Doctor was okay, but I really started to like the show when I was introduced to Tennant. His goofy attitude on and off the screen was great. I also loved the connection between him and Rose.


Overall, I have enjoyed watching Doctor Who, but I’m not sure whether or not I will continue to watch it. The characters are great and the plot is intense, but it just isn’t my type of show. I’m glad I was able to be introduced to it, and I’m excited to be able to talk to my friends about it now that I actually understand what the show is about!


4 thoughts on “New to Who”

  1. I was rather scared for the rest of the semester when we started to watch the Classic episodes. The thought of watching that for homework all the time was terrifying. Luckily, I stuck it out and enjoyed the modern episodes. Just like you I am glad I was introduced to it so when it comes up in conversation I can pitch in my two cents.


  2. Starting with the Classic episodes is difficult for a lot of people to do. Since we are so used to the type of television that is showed in the United States, we enjoy the romance and what not. It is so much easier to start off by watching the newer episodes. I am really glad that people got to experience the show and see the fandom that surrounds the show. Another thing that is good would be the fact that people can see that Doctor Who is not a bunch of crazed people. I hope you guys enjoyed the show some bit at least.


  3. I also had a hard time enjoying the classic episodes, but started to enjoy the series once we got into the new Doctor Who! I would like to say I might continue watching a bit after we finish the class. but I’m not sure yet. This isn’t really my type of show either. I think having to rush through the series for class took a bit of it away, so I have a feeling getting the chance to watch it at my own pace without taking notes will make it better!


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