Diversity In Doctor Who Recap

As we come to the end of the semester, I have been thinking about what I have seen overall through the series Doctor Who.  Through the course, we were supposed to discuss the diversity we saw throughout the episodes, and it brought a lot of things to my attention I did not think about before.


When we started classic Doctor Who, I saw very little diversity.  There might have been a new species of alien, or some sort of technology we had not seen before, but as for diversity among the human race, there was very little.  Most of the cast was white, even if they played a character of a different race. There was also no sexuality shown. Once we started the new Doctor Who series, this changed quite a bit.


In the first episode of the new series, we were introduced to Mickey, a black character who was in a relationship with Rose, who was white. Almost immediately, we saw a character of a different race, and a sexual relationship between two different races.  For Doctor Who, this was a lot of diversity within five minutes of the first episode.  Throughout the new series, I have also seen other significant black characters, such as Martha and her family. On top of the new diversity among race on the series, they also brought in a variety of sexual diversity as well.  Even as a show made for children and families, the writers still manage to include lesbian, gay, and bisexual characters. Captain Jack was a huge part of this, and there are several other couples throughout the series as well.


Diversity in race and sexuality weren’t the only new additions to the series, but they were some of the most evident. I also saw diversity among culture, language, opinions, and so much more though out the series.


2 thoughts on “Diversity In Doctor Who Recap”

  1. I think diversity In Dr. Who is very essential, diversity in any show is very essential. Diversity broadens the scope of the current viewers and makes room for potential viewers to gain an interest as well. With more exposure to language, customs, race, opinions, sexuality, and more Dr. Who will continue to thrive and expand the mind of viewers anywhere.


  2. I agree with this because I feel like I have went through this same thought process while watching Doctor Who this semester. I definitely noticed the lack of diversity in Classic Who as well as the sudden shift towards all kinds of diversity in New Who. At this point, all I can wonder is what the, if there is a, next step as far as advancing diversity within the show.


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