The Bond We Share

The semester is coming to an end and so is this session of IS 201. Most of us have different areas of study so this could mean that this is the last class we have together. However, this does not mean that we are done with each other. As we finish up, it is time we realize that we all share a bond. The bond that we all share now is Doctor Who. Love it or hate we all share this.

Since we go to Wartburg we will see each other off and on and each time we see each other we will realize that person was in my Doctor Who class. Which for those people who continue watching the show can be a way to get to know each other outside of class by discussing the new episodes that are coming out. Not only will we all share the common interest of Doctor Who, but we also we share the fact that we overcame the challenges that were brought upon us. The challenges of this course include questioning the diversity of the show, various styles of writing, waking up for class, and most important making decisions.

One of the most important aspects of the class is for use to ask questions and make decisions. (Hint: it is in the title of the class) The questioning skills we were challenged with added on to what we already had grown up with. However, these questioning skills made us question things we never thought about questioning. Thanks to Doctor Who’s vast diversity we were able to question such things and make some decisions. Although the decisions that we made in this class were not life-defining, they helped prepare us for our future education and our future outside of Wartburg. These skills will be helpful in making life-defining decisions one day.

As we wrap up the semester I ask one thing from all of my classmates and even the instructor. Take a minute (or longer) and reflect. Yes, I know you are busy but something that I have learned from my teammates is that your time hear is limited make sure to enjoy it. It is tough for us to find time and look at the bigger picture. It is necessary to realize what we are doing to fully reap the benefits of our experience at Wartburg. Reflect on what this class has offered you. Find the positives and even the negatives. Now understand this, you are not here for just a piece of paper. Your degree can only get you so far but the skills we are forced to learn from a class like this will last forever. Yes, this class can be such a minor piece of what Wartburg has to offer but did you think the original writers of Doctor Who think that they were going to create not only a show but one of the most iconic television shows with a society of Whovians?

Thanks for reading and I would like to hear some people’s thoughts on reflections about this course. Plus, I know not all of us have the 10 comments necessary. J


2 thoughts on “The Bond We Share”

  1. Your post was touching, it reminded me of my Intro to film class yesterday with William Earl. Even though this will be his last year teaching at Wartburg he taught me the lesson that with every class you should be critically thinking and applying it to the other disciplines we all are in. Its interesting how a simple film class will have an impact on my life every day. Every time I watch a movie I will analyze it the way he has taught me, not because I try to but because I’ve done it so many times in class that it has became instinctual. Just like when we continue to watch Dr. Who we will look for those instances of diversity, teaching us something or voicing another opinion every time we watch a new show. Diversity isn’t just applied through people and action but can be represented in thought as well. Everything is connected in some type of way, look for the connections its all apart of having a liberal arts education.

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  2. I enjoyed particularly what you said about how hard it can be to see the bigger picture. I have learned in my years here at Wartburg that it is extremely hard to see how things in your life are fitting together as they are happening, but looking in retrospect down the road, everything will become much more clear. I realize our class is composed of people who love Doctor Who and people who just needed to fill the IS 201 requirement. As someone who took this class strictly because it was the only IS class that fit in my schedule, I think I will realize why fate led me to this course.

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