Whovian 101


While sitting down with my friend and discussing classes, I told her to take the Doctor Who IS 201 class, and she asked me what it was all about, and after i explained that there is Classic Who and New Who, I did not know what else to tell her because there was so much to tell. So, I figured that if someone should ask me about Doctor Who, I’m going to give them my Whovian 101 lesson on the 5 major things to know about Doctor Who (Now, I do not really know how to explain these to someone in a professional way, so i thought i’ll explain it to my own understanding), which are:

#1  Who is The Doctor?

The Doctor is a Time Lord, who comes from a planet called Gallifrey. The Gallifreyans are these mighty human look-alikes, that have ruled the universe for 10 millions years. The Time Lords, rule the space and time vortex, and in my understanding they are/were the most powerful creatures in the universe. After a bad Time War, between the Time Lords and The Daleks (which are the most annoying Archnemesis of The Doctor) that resulted in both sides getting “destroyed”, The Doctor found the TARDIS which was broken, and fixed it up (..and threw out the manual), and began travelling through the Universe, and manipulating history in good ways. Plus, the Doctor is almost immortal, because he regenerates. Futhermore, although there are different people who have acted as the Doctor, he is really one person. Think of him as someone with many faces.

#2 What is a TARDIS?

Time and Relative Dimension in Space. it’s better to say TARDIS, really. well, the Tardis, is this time travelling machine, that helps the Doctor travel through time, and other dimensions (..rarely). It is disguised as Police Box, to make it less obvious to people, and it can become invisible. Also, it is way bigger on the inside. Why is it disguised as a Police Box? well, it is known that it had many other disguises, but it got stuck as a Police Box, and The Doctor just left it as that. Additionally, it you look into the heart of the TARDIS  (..i think), you’ll see whatever you desire or so. The energy of the TARDIS also plays a part in The Doctor’s regenerations.

#3 Why does The Doctor regenerate?

Well, in order for The Doctor to escape death or any fetal/chronic injury, his body needs to renew, and with the help of the TARDIS energy, he regenerates. Actually, all Time Lords regenerate when dealing with major injuries. it’s just like restarting a story, only this time you know what to do, and when to do it. Also, when he regenerates, he becomes a different person physically, and acquire a new personality. The regeneration cycle is really good for The Doctor, i mean, what good will it be if he dies.

#4 Does The Doctor have any partners?

We Whovians like to refere to The Doctor’s “partners” as Companions.These companions are mostly women, and they each have their own unique behaviors and skills. Basically, they are The Doctor’s sidekicks. how he meets his different companions differs in time, and environment, but the situation are most times thesame.

#5 Captain Jack Harkness

Yes, i know that he is not really as important as the Doctor, but somehow he bacame a huge part of Doctor Who. He’s this over-confident young man from the Boeshane Penisula in the 51st century Earth, that was a Time Agent. Along the road of the series, we get to see that he becomes a loyal friend to The Doctor, and when the Daleks killed him, then Rose ( a Companion) brought him back to life. The Doctor then sends him way back in time to start over, and in those long years, Jack discovered that he cannot die. Later, we recieve this big shock, that he became the Face of Boe. Futhermore, he was like a companion, but one who could come and go as frequent as he chooses (i guess).

I know there are many more major things to know about Dr. Who, but this are the only 5 “basic” major things about DW that i could think about.




One thought on “Whovian 101”

  1. I like the things you picked out to tell people about the show. Another thing that could be added is a number about villains. The villains play such a large role and are so diverse that they are worth mentioning. My favorite one was about Jack, he is one of my favorite characters in the show.


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