David Tennant

David Tennant is the Tenth Doctor in the series in Doctor Who. Tennant’s real name is David McDonald. Born in Scotland in 1971 he was three or four years old when a young Tennant said that he wanted to be an actor, and growing up he wanted to be on the Doctor Who show. Tennant was married in 2011 to Georgia Moffett with three kids, two sons Ty and Wilfred and a daughter Olive. In 2005, his childhood wish came true. When reading about Tennant I always see that tenant keeps his personal life personal. Tenant attended the RSMAD (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) and received his BA in dramatic studies. Tennant is 44 and is still making a name for himself in many different ways such as film, plays, and voice overs

Tennant was cast to play the role of the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who (2005) alongside Billie Piper, after Christopher Eccleston decided to leave. Playing the Doctor made him a household name. Since leaving the series in 2010 his career has continued to rise, with lead roles in films, TV series and theatre (imdb.com). Tenant has been in many TV shows, films, stages, and voice-overs from 1987 to now. The first acting film he was in was an anti-smoking when he was 16. Tenant has been nominated for 41 awards and has won 24 different awards for being the main character and also a supporting cast. He has one pending award for best supporting actor on television in his recent show “Jessica Jones” in website (metro.co.uk) Cameron McEwan said that “In a performance that was universally praised, it was almost like the actor was playing a dark version of his Tenth Doctor.” Tennant appeared with his future wife Georgia Moffet in the 2008 Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Daughter. She played the Doctor’s daughter in the show.


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