How To Chose the Perfect TimeLord

Disclaimer: All of the information in this post is my opinion or from

“Choosing the Perfect ‘Doctor Who’ Star (Opinion).” The Hollywood Reporter. Accessed April 11, 2016.

The Doctor Needs to Be Smart:  For this they claim that the Doctor has to be “a convincing know-it-all” due to the fact that the show depicts them as someone who is rarely wrong in any situation.  In most of the episodes, the Doctor is the person who gives directions to characters and the companions about what to do and how things will get better.  He can’t be too much of a “know-it-all” though, for if he is annoyingly smart, we will have no sympathy for him.  The casting wants us to be drawn in by the Doctor being in peril sometimes.

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The Doctor Needs to Be Everything to All People:  The Doctor seems to be what every companion or damsel in distress needs in their moment of need.  The Doctor has to be able to be kind hearted in some instances, while being a ruthless leader in the next.  Being able to change his personality and what he needs to do to save people is something that he is willing to do for most people. Having the Doctor take on many roles helps us to not only relate to others, but helps us see a part of ourselves in him.
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The Doctor Needs to Be Charming: This is something that as Americans. we like to see in a lot of our television, which is a little bit of romance.  The Doctor being charming and attractive to viewers is something that brings back certain viewers for more episodes.  He is charming so people around him will trust him and believe that he can do extraordinary things.  He needs to be charming to keep the interactions between him and other characters interesting, but not to a point where all the interactions are romantic.  Sexualizing the Doctor could potentially lead to him having less credibility among his companions and others on the show along with the chance that it would lead to the show revolving around a romance, which most fans don’t really want.

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The Doctor Needs to Be Unknown: This is an aspect that the author for the Hollywood reporter chooses because it makes the actor distinctly the Doctor, and not someone everyone will call by the name they are in a different show or movie.  When we watch the show, as fans, we want to look at the actor (or actress) and connect them straight to the name the Doctor, and not to other names.  Having someone who isn’t distinctly someone else lets us project what we know about the Doctor onto the new character without having the fight the urge to think of them in a different role.

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We may all have our ideas of what the Doctor should be like, but being able to discern them as the Doctor is something we should all be able to do.  When they search for a new Doctor, this could be what they are looking for or it could be other criteria.  What I do know is that I trust their decision to pick someone who will be successful just like many other regenerations of the Doctor have been before.


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