Tennant’s Specials expressing culture!

After writing my last post about Tennant I wanted to look for the specials he did mention in the video that I shared with you all.

I can tell that I really didn’t like Donna (Catherine Tate) in this video.  She has this strong sassy adolescent personality of her. Also it was kind of annoying listenning to her. I was like: “Doctor please stop her NOW”

The discusion about being scotish or british is really interesting because when Donna says “Are you speaking Scottish now?” It is kind of a lame question because they all speak English. It remainded me when people ask me “So, you speak Costarican?” and I’m with my friends from Argentina and people ask “And you most speak Argentinian” It is funny and at the same interesting knowing that some people do not know about many culture, places, langages among other stuff which is important for society around the world.

At first I thought the special was going to be something else apart from Doctor Who. However, I feel that BBC just wanted to show what would it be Doctor Who out of the TARDIS. I also loved to see the Doctor’s character as a “teacher” and how he gets in the cahracter of being strong and imposing order to the “student”

I just laugh a lot with this special and I hope you do too. Also wanted to share it with you by being the last week of the semester. Laught is disstressing!


One thought on “Tennant’s Specials expressing culture!”

  1. Funny video! It is interesting how you related it to your own life. I remember a time when I heard someone say they speak “American.” Kind of the same idea but it was head crunching.


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