The Doctors Non-Human companion.

Since it was national pet day yesterday I wanted to talk about the Doctors pet K9 that helped him out on many adventures.K9 first appeared in the 1977 Doctor Who story The Invisible Enemy. K9 was created by Professor Marius in the year 5000. The Professor was a scientist working for the Bi-Al Foundation in the Centre for Alien Biomorphology. The Doctor and his companion Leela helped Professor Marius defeat an alien virus. After the virus was defeated the professor asked if the Doctor could keep K9 and look after him. After that K9 helped the doctor on many more adventures until he stayed back with Leela. Then after the Doctor left K9 with Leela he built his own. Then in the season two episode school reunion we see the original K9 with Sara Jay, and in this episode it shows K9 blowing up the bat teacher things and saving the day.

I thought that the concept of the K9 was a cool idea because it added a different companion with the Doctor that wasn’t human and over the years of the show it proved that dogs are really man’s best friend.


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